Best troop formations and training troops Guide State of Survival

Best troop formations and training troops Guide State of Survival

Troops formations in the State of Survival are one of the things you must learn in order to maximize your troops’ damage and efficiency.

State of Survival is a war game in which you will constantly use your troops for various tasks such as gathering, fighting enemy players, fighting infected, and so on. Knowing how to train troops, which troops to use, and what troop formation to use will provide you with numerous benefits and advantages.

Infantry, Hunters, and Riders are the three types of troops in the State of Survival. Each troop type serves a distinct purpose in the game.

Troops formation

troops formation state

Troops formation in the State of Survival is simple and straightforward, but most players use the incorrect troop formation. If you’re using heroes and gear to boost infantry stats, you’ll want to keep all infantry in your formation. You want to have all hunter troops inside if you use heroes that give hunter bonus stats, but if you add infantry troops with heroes that give hunter stats, they will not get that bonus. So look at your heroes’ stats and skills to see how you can maximize your damage.

When fighting infected, you can use a mix of troops.

Most heroes used for rallying can use a mixed troop formation. Just make sure to check out your rallying heroes’ skills and bonus stats. Sometimes when rallying, you’ll use heroes with bonus hunter stats and damage output, so you’ll want only hunters in your rally. If someone sends different types of troops, simply kick him and tell him to send the appropriate troops.

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Troops formation

Hunter Troops

Hunter Troops are powerful units in terms of damage and lethality. They will inflict a massive amount of damage. They are the units that deal the most damage, and as a result, they will be targeted frequently during PVP, so you must protect them. The majority of the players’ attention will be drawn to them. Also, if you’re a new player, don’t put too much emphasis on hunter troops.

Infantry troops

Infantry troops, due to their high health and defense, will tank the majority of the damage. They are excellent for PVP battles and fighting the infected. The majority of players are focusing on them because they are difficult to kill. They can also be used against infected people, which is fantastic.

Riders troops

Riders’ troops are distinctive, but they are not particularly effective in PVP. They are effective against hunter and infantry troops, but not so much in the end game. If you’re a new free-to-play player, stay away from them.

Troops training

When training troops, make certain that you are training troops who will be used the most. If you have infantry commanders, you should train as many infantry troops as possible. Always train the most elite troops you can. Save your speedups for upgrading lower-tier troops as well. There are events that will give you a lot of points for upgrading troops, so upgrading lower-tier troops without events is pointless.

When you’re upgrading or training new troops, make sure you get all of the buffs that will save you time. It will save you a lot of time and money, and the most important thing is that you will be placed higher during events where you need to train troops simply because you will reduce the time you need to train troops. If you need more speedups and resources to train your troops you can get them with State of Survival Redeem Codes.

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