State of Survival Plasma Guide and Requirements

State of Survival Plasma Guide and Requirements

Plasma in the State of Survival is the type of resource that you will get when your headquarters hits level 30. You will need plasma to upgrade buildings beyond level 30. You can use plasma to upgrade Headquarters, Hero Precinct, Barracks, Range, Garage, and plasma Institute. Troops buildings are the most important buildings to upgrade with plasma. When you upgrade troops, your tier 10 units will gain new abilities and improve their stats. Every building you upgrade with plasma will receive additional benefits.

How to obtain plasma in a survival state

If you are free to play player there is a few ways to get plasma. Pay to win  players have another option, which is in-game bundles.

The purification center, where you will trade your resources for plasma, is the first place you can get plasma. Each day, you will have five chances to trade. Make it a habit to do it every day, and you will acquire a large amount of plasma over time. There is also a chance that you will get free plasma when you use State Of Survival Gift Codes so make sure that you check them out.

Daily missions

Daily missions are excellent ways to obtain free items, but you can also obtain free plasma. To complete a daily mission, you must complete some quests, which are relatively simple to complete. To ensure that you do it every single day.

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Intel Post

Intel Post

Every day, you can fight the infected on the map, and they may reward you with some nice plasma. To find them use an Intel post.


M.I.G.O is a type of event that will be displayed at random. You will be able to purchase plasma inside the M.I.G.O store, so make sure you get all of them.


There are numerous bundles in the state of survival that will provide you with plasma. Now, which bundle you choose depends on what you require, because bundles include not only plasma but also additional items such as speedups , fragment and biocaps. So choose bundles that you believe will provide you with the most value.

Purification center

Purification center

A purification center is a facility where you can convert your plasma to polymerized plasma. You do not have to worry too much about Polymerized plasma if you just unlocked plasma. To take your building to the next level, you’ll need Polymerized plasma.  Typically, 10 plasma can be exchanged in the Purification center for one polymerized plasma.

Plasma Buildings Requirements

Plasma Buildings Requirements

When your HQ reaches level 30, you will be able to unlock plasma levels for buildings that you can upgrade. The higher the level of your plasma building, the more powerful it is and the more stats you will receive. To improve your building’s plasma levels, you’ll need plasma and plasma cores. Each time you upgrade plasma, your building costs will rise.

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When you begin upgrading plasma buildings, your first priority should be your headquarters, as other buildings will require a higher level of headquarters. Also, upgrading all plasma buildings will take some time, so don’t rush.

Plasma troops

When it comes to plasma, the most important thing to remember is plasma troops. They are more powerful than tier 10 troops, so you will need them. With each new level of plasma troops, you will gain more stats and unlock new troop skills. When you upgrade troop training buildings, you will be able to recruit higher-level plasma troops. Without the best heroes in a state of survival, there is no point in getting plasma troops.

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