Warpath Campaigns Guide

Warpath Campaigns Guide

Campaigns in Warpath are places where you will fight bots to complete missions that will grant you rewards and increased production of materials used for troop upgrades.

Campaigns are one of the most important things you must-do if you want to quickly grow your account and become a powerful player. So let’s start with a Campaigns guide and some tips for pushing higher levels.

To fight easier in Campaigns you should try out Warpath on PC.

Best Units for Campaigns

When it comes to the best units for campaigns, it’s difficult to say which are the best because you won’t have all of the troops that we recommend. So, as in other games, it is best to start with a tanking unit. That means you’ll need a unit with high armor and health to withstand all of the damage. Heavy and super-heavy tanks are the best units for dealing with all of the damage.

Now, using medium tanks with heavy tanks is ideal because they are fast and can deal a lot of damage to tank hunters. Tank hunters are effective against super heavy units, which is why it is critical to bring medium tanks to protect super heavy tanks.

You will now require artillery to deal damage to infantry and heavy tanks. They are critical, and without them, you will not be able to progress as far in Campaigns when confronted with heavy tanks and infantry.

You will select infantry units as your final troop type. They are difficult to move, but they can absorb a lot of damage and are effective against tank hunters and anti-tank guns. However, you must take caution when using them because they can sustain significant damage from howitzers and launchers.

In general, the best units for Campaigns are two heavy tanks or super heavy tanks, one infantry, one anti-tank gun, and one howitzer. It all depends on what you have access to and at what level.

Power and Units Level

As previously stated, it is difficult to say which unit is the best for Campaigns because you will have different troops set up before reading this guide and will be upgrading different units. At the end of the day, troop type is just a bonus; what matters is how powerful your troops are and what levels they are at. If you want to advance in Campaigns, you should concentrate on increasing stars, level modifiers, and parts.

You can check our guide on how to quickly upgrade units in warpath.

How to control units in Campaigns

It is, after all, quite simple. You’ll have heavy tanks in front of them and artillery in the back. You will use medium tanks to pull a portion of the enemy troops so that they do not all attack you at the same time. Also, you can prepare your infantry units and build bunkers.

But the most important thing is to protect your artillery, as they are relatively weak units in terms of health and defense. They can die relatively fast so always protect them and keep them behind your other troops.

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