Upgrading Units Fast In Warpath

Upgrading Units Fast In Warpath

One of the most important aspects of Warpath is having upgraded units. In this guide, we will discuss how to quickly upgrade units in Warpath.

Upgrading units in Warpath is a time-consuming and requires a lot of dedication. It’s a long process because upgrading units is a three-step process. You have to work on upgrading, modifying, and parts. Before you start upgrading units you should check warpath tier list to see what units will give you the most value and power.

Upgrade section

It takes a lot of ammunition to max it out, but experience isn’t that difficult to come by. While playing, you will accumulate a large amount of it. To increase ammunition you have to work on your campaign mission, they are a great way to get free ammunition. Additionally, use your energy to obtain free rewards. It is best to attack bunkers because they provide the most ammunition and also provide the most rush.

VIP is a great thing to have at high levels because it not only grants you stats and free items, but it also allows you to purchase ammunition from VIP stores.
Blackmarket– You can get great deals in the black market, but there is a chance that ammunition will be listed there as well, so get it while you can.

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When you combine all of these methods, you will have no trouble obtaining ammunition to upgrade your units. Simply be patient.

Modifying units

Modifying units is essential if you want to have strong units. Each modification to your units will grant you a lot of bonus stats that can make a significant difference in battle.

Modifying units are classified into two categories: units star level and components. The issue with components and unit star levels is that they are difficult to obtain. To begin, in order to upgrade star units, you will need a large number of lower star units of the same rarity, and the only way to obtain units for combining is through coupons.

You will now receive a large number of three-star units that you cannot combine, but they are not useless. You can disassemble them into components that will be used to modify troops. There are other ways to obtain components, but they are not as effective. So the conclusion is to collect as many coupons as possible and use them. You will receive a large number of units that you can combine and disassemble to obtain components.


There are numerous parts that you can equip on your Warpath units, but obtaining them is difficult. You’ll need blueprints and materials to make parts. You can destroy your old parts to get materials for new parts, but you won’t get a lot of materials. Campaigns are the best place to get materials for parts, but you can also snag a few on the black market. You can also get free blueprints in campaigns, which is why it is critical to promote your campaign.

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Warpath is a game in which units play an important role and are not easily upgraded. If you want to be strong and make more progress with unit upgrades, you must do everything we’ve mentioned in this guide and increase your research. You must promote your campaign as much as possible. Over time, it will generate a large number of resources required for upgrading units in Warpath.

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