Leveling Officers and Officers Missions In Warpath

Leveling Officers and Officers Missions In Warpath

There are few ways to level up your officers in warpath and they are:

  • Leveling up with books
  • Leveling up with officer missions 
  • Leveling up with destroying ravens

The hardest thing is to level up your first officers to level 12. Level 12 is a requirement in warpath to unlock officer missions. 

Leveling with destroying ravens- this is a slow and painful method but you will have to kill a lot of raves to unlock your officer level to 12. After that, you can stop caring about the experience from ravens because it is so low. 

Officer Missions


Officer missions are the best way of leveling up your officers and on top of that you will receive a lot of good rewards but you have to unlock one officer to level 12.  

So let me explain to you how officer missions work in warpath. 

  • You have 3 different camps so you will have 3 different camp officer missions.  
  • Every camp will have different missions but you can use officers from any camp for missions. 
  • So for Vanguard Division camp, you can use a Bloody Mary officer. 
  • Only thing is that you will not get bonus experience. 
  • Now every officer has a special ability and the mission will request some type of that ability.
  • You have to at least use one commander with the same ability as missions request. To boost your success of the mission to 80% and if you use 2 officers with a special ability that is requested by the mission you will have 100% of success chance and on top of that, you will receive a box. 

Before sending officers on missions you have to know a few tips.

You can see that I have Bloody Mary from Vanguard Division and White Wolf from Martyrs Watch camp. Mission is from Vanguard Division. You need to have at least one officer from the camp of mission so you can get bonus experience. 

Pairing commander does not have to be from the same camp as the mission but it must have special skills. If you do not use a secondary commander with special skill you will not have a 100% success chance. 

Now imagine you send officers to mission for 4h and it fails. It is a waste of time and even when you have 80% success chance it can fail. 

Now why is it important to have a 100% success chance? Because you will get a special chest that can contain great rewards and additional Strategy items that can give you experience. 

And with that you will level your commanders very fast. 


Strategy books are a great way to level up commanders. If you have luck you can buy it from Black Market  but there is a low chance to see Strategy books there. Also if you are a new player you do not want to waste your resources on items like that. You will need all your resources. You can get some officer experience from warpath gift codes and they are free and safe to use, created by developers.

Best way to obtain Strategy books is from an officer’s mission that can be in the box if you complete your officer missions with 100% chance.

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