Warpath 101: Tips & Tricks

Warpath Tips & Tricks

Warpath is the latest strategy-based RPG developed by Lilith Games in mid-2020. Within a year, the game has gained massive response and popularity among tacts-based gaming enthusiasts.

The backstory of Warpath centers around the historical World War 2. There are a plethora of challenges for you to go through. Players will need to invade various locales and overcome rough terrains throughout the Warpath journey.

For starters, you may be wondering how to kick things off after you’ve logged in. Well, you’re in luck! A few exciting tips and tricks await your path. Read on to know more-

Important Suggestions to Consider

To kickstart your Warpath journey with a bang, consider following these tips and earning a head start for yourself. It will surely boost your progress level ahead of others at a blazing pace.

Without any ado, here are those –

Tip No. 1 Login Daily

It is a vital point in the beginning and throughout your Warpath gaming career to log in daily. The log incomes with daily rewards help you grinding up those levels faster.

When you log in to the game daily, you get missions to complete, which rewards you with various in-game boosters and resources. So, it is the primary task to collect the daily chests from your VIP. These chests will grant you points to progress.

It is important to level up your VIP to get maximum rewards and units for your alliance and base. By completing daily chests mission and collecting points, you can easily level up your VIP without spending a dollar!

Tip No. 2 Never Hesitate to Use your Energy

As a starter, you might think that saving your Energy and using them all at once will help you progress faster. However, it’s not true. 

Use your Energy to kill Ravens or if you prefer killing bunkers, go all in. We recommend killing Ravens first. And as you gain strength, attack level two bunkers.

Annihilating the bunkers is also important to gain those points. It will help you to upgrade your ammunition and units. However, act wise and wait patiently until your units are strong enough.

Tip No. 3 Never Use Speed-Ups as a Newbie

A classic rookie mistake would be to use speed-ups to complete the building and unit upgrades as soon as you begin. As you’ve just started, we suggest you at least hit the Level 13 mark before you consider speed-ups.

It would be best not to use any speed-ups even when you’re in dire need to upgrade the supplies. You might think using speed-ups will make your progress faster, but you won’t learn anything about chalking out effective strategies.

We suggest you wait till the Primary Event starts. A tad bit of patience is good for the long run. This event will reward you with hundred chests, from which you can redeem components for your units.

Tip No. 4. Max Out Level Campaigns

Every single day, you should be focusing on completion and maxing campaign level. Grind harder till you reach the maximum possible level of your campaign daily. Trust us on this. It is super easy to accomplish; consistency is the key!

These campaigns will help you further increase your Ammunition, Arms XP and even help you unlocking items for your troops and units.

A trick that will help you complete these campaigns is to rush daily at the end of the day. Avoid rush gameplays strictly as the day starts. That might not help you to achieve what you want.

Tip No. 5. Remember to Research

Investing your time and resources in the research will help you a lot in the long run. There are multiple research options available in-game, which in turn will boost your production, farming, and other aspects.

It is always lucrative, to begin with, the Steam Power and the Rubber Industry upgrades. We recommend aiming for maxing out the Internal Engines and Plastics to get more farming options. When it comes to the military, you need to complete the basic research when the event starts. Check our warpath tier list to see what are the strongest officers and units currently in the game.

Tip No. 6. Redeem Codes

There is a lot of redeem codes that you can use in Warpath. They are created by developers and are safe to use. You will get some resources and gold that will help you to boos your progress.

Summing Up

Now, you know all the top important tips and tricks to begin your Warpath journey. Chalk out your strategy, build your alliance, and dive into the war today! One extra thing that is worth mentioning is that a lot of players do not know is that you can change the color of your in-game name. One of the biggest tips that we can give you is to play Warpath on PC.

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