Scouting and Collecting Rewards in Warpath Guide


Scouting and Collecting rewards in Warpath and collecting items that you have explored is one of the most important things that you must-do if you are a new player or you are making a jumper account. It will take you some time to scout the whole warpath map but it is 100% worth it. Rewards are insanely good.

How to scout Map in Warpath Fast?

First, you must upgrade your Allied Airports to the highest level you can. It will save you so much time scouting and removing fog on the map.

When you are sending scouting airplanes you must send them in different ways. Do not send them to the same location. Always keep an eye on them so as soon as they finish one part send them on to the next one.

If you are going offline try to send a scout on the end of the map if you can. Now when you are scouting there is a chance that you will find rewards and something called radar.

If you find radar it will remove a big portion of the map so it will save you a lot of time. Scouting and Collecting Rewards in Warpath Guide

For fast scouting you should download Warpath on PC, it will be much easier for you to see where you are sending scout and to collect all rewards.

Rewards From Scouting

Rewards From Scouting

There are 2 types of rewards for scouting in warpath.

The first one is random locations like Abandoned Warehouse that can have items inside.
These rewards are great because they will give you resources and building materials which are important if you are a beginner. On top of that, you will receive items that you will use to clear parts of fog. So it will boost your clearing process a lot.

The second type of reward is pure gold. You will be able to find it in your starting city level 1. All you have to do is find it and collect it by clicking on it. In total, you will be able to collect more than 40k gold that you can invest in VIP.

There is one trick that you must know to find gold on a map faster. Simply zoom out and on the left part of the screen, you will see a search option. When you select it you will see all rewards that you can collect on the map.


I know that scouting can be boring but it is 100% worth it. While you wait for your scouts to clear the map and find rewards, you can get more rewards by using warpath redeem codes, and you can spend some time researching which officer in warpath you should focus on.

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