Warpath Tier List Best Units and Commanders April 2024

Warpath Tier List

Are you a Warpath fanatic who could use a well-crafted latest tier list article? Well, if you answered that with a nod, this article is for you. Keep reading to know about all the units and officers of Warpath. 

There are several different units in the Warpath, and each unit has numerous troops. Picking a few best from them is not easy. And if you have just started playing Warpath, it is even harder to figure out which ones are good and which ones are not. When you chose your commander you should focus on leveling it with missions.

Similarly, you have to select between the officers. All the officers are different from each other and have unique advantages and disadvantages. The gamer’s analysis plays a significant role here. 

Warpath Unit Tier List

Here is the Warpath Unit Tier list. Have a look and ace the game!

InfantryCamp LibertyDDA
Tank HunterCamp LibertyABB
Light TankCamp LibertyCCC
Medium TankCamp LibertyABA
Heavy TankCamp LibertyBCC
HowitzerCamp LibertySSS
InfantryVanguard DivisionDDA
Tank HunterVanguard DivisionACB
Medium TankVanguard DivisionABA
Heavy TankVanguard DivisionCCC
Super Heavy TankVanguard DivisionSAA
Anti-tank GunVanguard DivisionSSS
InfantryMartyr’s WatchDDD
Tank HunterMartyr’s WatchABB
Medium TankMartyr’s WatchAAA
Heavy TankMartyr’s WatchCBC
LauncherMartyr’s WatchAAA
HowitzerMartyr’s WatchSSS

Warpath: Best Units?

There is no single category to list a few units as best. However, we can categorize them based on their use in the game. Some of them are:

  • Medium Tank: This one from Martyr’s Watch is the best if you want the beginning of your game to be bang on! It is fast, versatile, and impromptu. 
  • Anti-Tank Gun: It is advisable to jump to it immediately after Medium Tank. Just work until you gain a 7-star Anti-tank, and that is it. You’re almost there! Anti-tank is best for both base-to-base and attacking. Just fire them and watch them do the rest!
  • Howitzer: After Anti-tank gun, always try to work with Howitzer. Whether it is Martyr’s Watch or Liberty, both are equally good, with decent numbers and defense. Furthermore, you can face attacks from any of them. 

Warpath: Best Officers And Their Tiers

Although many of the officers are worth trying, here is a list of some of the best tiers and their special qualities. 

SWar Machine, Eruptor, Winter Huntsman
AGuardian of Truth, Fox of the Highlands, Adjutant Percy
BJack Spanner, Bloody Mary
CThe White Wolf, Angel of Light

S Tier Officers

  • Randall Miller: Be it an offensive situation or a defensive one, Miller has got you covered against all. He can provide for any of your requisites. 
  • Wilhelm Von Zeppelin: It might seem a tad bit unmanageable. However, he is remarkable at brushing tank formation. 
  • Mira Ivanova Volkova: If it is infantry units that you want an officer for, look no further than Mira. She is imperative. 

A Tier Officers

  • Florence Borden: The best after Mira to sustain the infantry units. If you can get them both together, brilliant! 
  • Valery Yakovlevivh Alexey: Pair him with Antonina Shevchenko, and you are good to go burnishing up the artillery units. Furthermore, he is impeccable at attacking. 

B Tier Officers

  • Adjutant Percy: Brilliant choice for the initial game and the protected units. 
  • Sergeant Spanner: Not really an asset for the troop, but can be of great use to brush up tank units. 
  • Bloody Mary: Mary is exceptional at advancing the march speed and hunting. However, she is not really the perfect one here because there are more reliable options available. 

C Tier Officers

  • Erwin Schmitz: Schmitz can be a great addition to your side. He is beyond amazing at burning up the infantry. However, you always have more reliable options. Because why not? 
  • Antonina Shevchenko: Team her up with Valery and see how they ace the burnishing of the artillery units!. But she is beneficial alongside Valery only. On her own, she can be quite a mess. 

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