Eclair Cookie Toppings Build and Guide Cookie Run Kingdom

Eclair Cookie Toppings Build and Guide

In the Cookie Run Kingdom War Under Shattered Skies update, the Epic Cookies Eclair and Tea Knight were introduced. He belongs to the Support type, which is capable of both attacking and defending as well as weakening the opposition. His position is given Middle priority. Eclair Cookie is a historian who also serves as the Guild Museum’s founder and curator.

The Parfaedia Institute is where he also offers history classes. But despite being a scholar, Eclair still helps his buddies win battles and vanquish foes. Eclair Cookie is a passionate museum director who is constantly gushing over the artifacts the players give to his collection. He shows that he takes conserving antiques seriously by sighing as soon as the artifact becomes ruined by a spot and attempting to repair that area afterward.

Despite this, he growls if someone gives him a gem to look at, maybe because he prefers antique objects over jewels. Though he may be seated in front of a desk, his intellectual heart should not be undervalued since he is as passionate about history as any other explorer of the globe.

Continue reading to learn about the best Eclair Cookies Toppings Builds and Skill. If you’re curious about the best toppings for other Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom, check out the Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide.

Eclair Cookie Toppings Builds

In most Cookie Run Kingdom team compositions, Swift Chocolate is the ideal Topping for this supporting player because Eclair’s friendly-target enhancing skills have a relatively lengthy cooldown time frame. An Eclair cookie has five equipment slots available when he has reached level 30 or above.

Although he is a support unit, the adversaries might take a lot of damage from him. To enhance his DMG and shorten the cooldown of his skills, utilize the three Swift Chocolate Toppings and two Searing Raspberry Toppings sets. If you wish the Eclair Cookie talent to be released more regularly, use the Swift Chocolate Topping build set.

Eclair Cookie Skill

Eclair Cookie’s skill is known as The Book of History, which allows him to examine and determine the opponent’s vulnerability using all the knowledge and study gathered over the years. Casts the “Weakness” debuff on the three foes with the greatest ATK, first hitting Cookies to increase their DMG and dealing DMG. All friends receive an HP shield if the opponent is vanquished while under the Weakness debuff.

The more stacks of Eclair Cookie there are, the longer the weakness debuff lasts; two stacks will lengthen it by eight seconds, while one stack lasts for ten seconds. It is important to note that he investigates and accepts virtually every aspect of Earthbread history, especially those involving dragon warrior Cookies, such as the Tea Knight Cookie and the Tea Leaf Order. As a result, Eclair Cookie is a knowledgeable historian who is competent to teach history at the Parfaedia Institute.

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