Aladdin Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Aladdin Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Aladdin is a melee guardian in Disney Mirrorverse. Aladdin is a great guardian to have who will deal some decent damage and who will stun enemies. You can see how well he is performing with other DPS guardians by checking Disney Mirrorverse Tier List

Aladdin Stats:

  • Role: Melee
  • Base DMG: 671
  • DMG Resistance: 80.13%
  • Max Armor: 5158
  • Critical Chance: 42.41%
  • Bonus Critical DMG: 348
  • Max Health: 6125

Aladdin Talent Build

Aladdin Talent Build

There is only one great talent build that you can do for Aladdin. It is focused on doing as much damage as possible so you can burst down enemies. You can change talent build depending on your in-game situation but this one is the best that most players are using to get maximum from Aladdin. 

Fine Edge- Wounds inflicted by Aladdin will be increased for 2 seconds which means that you will deal more damage and it will have synergy with his other skills. 

Skillful Maneuver- Each time Aladdin dashes through a wound or stuns an enemy he will get a focus buff which is nice. 

Shadow in the Sand- This talent will boost Aladdin’s Special ability. Every time he uses a special ability it will give a shadow buff which is lowering aggression toward Aladdin and enemies will have a 50% chance to miss attacks. 

If you need more resources to unlock Aladdin or his talents you can use Disney Mirrorverse codes that will give you a lot of free items. 

Aladdin Skills

Aladdin Skills

Signature Ability- Thief Of Wonders

Aladdin has a 100% chance to purge an attribute buff when dashing through a wounded enemy. If a Buff is purged this way Aladdin gains a 50% attack buff for 5 seconds. Max stacks:3

Core Ability-Razor Wind

When hitting and enemy that is not facing him, Aladdin inflicts a wound dealing 25% damage each second for 4 seconds. When Aladdin dashes through a wounded enemy he delivers additional basic hit dealing 50% damage.

Special Ability: Shrouded Sword

Cooldown: 12 seconds Aladdin deals 400% Damage and knocks back his current target. Aladdin inflicts a Wound dealing 25% Damage each second for 8 seconds. If the enemy is already Wounded, Aladdin also inflicts a Stun for 3 seconds.

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