Anger Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Anger Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Anger is a melee guardian in Disney Mirrorverse that is extremely strong. When you compare Anger with other guardians you will see that his performance is great and that he is able to produce a good amount of damage if you create good synergy with skills and talents. Also when you pair him with other guardians that are providing additional damage he then becomes an extremely good guardian. If you are not sure which guardians to use with Anger you can check the Disney Mirrorverse tier list that ranks all guardians by their performance and role. 

Anger Stats:

  • Role: Melee
  • Base DMG: 580
  • DMG Resistance: 18.76%
  • Max Armor: 5874
  • Critical Chance: 9.56%
  • Bonus Critical DMG: 296
  • Max Health: 5946

Anger Talent Build

Anger Talent Build

When it comes to Anger talent build you want to boost his damage as much as possible. Talent build that we are recommending is great and the majority of players are using it so you can not go wrong with it. You can test out other talents and see if it works for you. Do not forget to redeem all Disney Mirrorverse codes that can give you resources and crystals. 

Feedback Loops- When Anger triggers his Special Ability, he has a chance to get an attack buff that will last for the whole battle. It is a great talent for boosting overall Anger damage. 

Rising Fury- Anger will not explode until he has reached 15 attack buffs. Anger’s special ability now deals additional damage. This talent is also extremely strong which will boost Anger damage. 

Enduring Justice- When a boss enters combat, Anger will gain attack buffs which is a huge boost in damage. This talent you must use on Anger no matter what your other talents are. 

Anger Skills 

Special Ability: Blaze of Justice

Cooldown: 12 seconds Anger deals 800% damage and knocks back all enemies around him. If his Attack Buffs are at 10 or more, he removes all of them and explodes, dealing 30% additional damage. Additionally, while at 10 or more Attack Buffs, each enemy is inflicted with a Burn dealing 20% damage per second for 10 seconds to all targets it hits.

Core Ability: Escalating Rage

Immunity to Burns. Each time an enemy appears, Anger gains a 5% Attack Buff. When Anger reaches 4 or 8 Attack Buffs, he Burns all enemies, dealing 10% damage per second for 2 seconds.

Signature Ability: Inferno of Justice

When Anger gains 8 Attack Buffs, his Basic Attacks have a 20% chance to inflict a Burn dealing 20% damage per second for 5 seconds. [Max Stacks:1]

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