Frank Wolf Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Frank Wolf Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Frank Wolf is a Disney Mirrorverse support guardian who can heal and deal decent damage. Frank Wolf is equipped with effective healing, damage, root, and chance to miss skills and talents. Overall decent guardian to have.

If you dislike Frank Wolf or wish to replace him, check out  a list of the best guardians in the Disney Mirrorverse. You can obtain Frank Wolff  by opening crystals, and if you need more crystals, you can use Disney Mirrorverse codes.

Frank Wolf Stats:

  • Role: Support
  • Base DMG: 413
  • DMG Resistance: 79.92%
  • Max Armor: 3611
  • Critical Chance: 42.22%
  • Bonus Critical DMG: 368
  • Max Health: 8382

Frank Wolf Talent Build

Frank Wolf Talent Build

Frank Wolf’s talent build is decent and will provide self-healing and survivability to allies’ guardians. You can now alter your talent build based on the circumstances of the game, but this is the build you will use the majority of the time.

Might Of Timbers- This talent is great for increasing Frank Wolf’s attack and rooting enemies.

Druidic Determination – Whenever Frank Wolf takes a critical hit, he will heal himself. This is an excellent ability against ranged foes that deal a great deal of critical damage.

Verdant Shroud- This is talent against support and ranged enemies that will increase miss chances on all allies who are standing in Dense Foliage.

Frank Wolf Skills

Frank Wolf Skills

Signature Ability: CAUGHT IN THE WEEDS

The first time an enemy enters Dense Foliage per activation, they are dealt 400% Damage and become Rooted for 4 seconds.

Core Ability- Resilience

Franks thick bark hide provides Resistance to wound, shock and poison effects.

At the beginning of combat and when struck by critical hit, Frank gains a defense buff. If Frank is inflicted with Burn all defense buffs from his core ability are purged.

Special Ability: Dense Foliage

Frank grows a patch of dense foliage beneath him that lasts for 16 seconds . All guardians heal every second for 4 seconds upon entering the dense foliage for the first time after each Special activation.

Allies within the dense foliage resist % of damage from range and support enemies, and become immune to root.

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