Gaston Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Gaston Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Gaston is a range guardian in Disney Mirrorverse that is extremely powerful. Gaston’s abilities and talents are equipped with a lot of bluffs that will increase his damage. Overall he is extremely storing guardians and you can not go wrong by using it. If you are looking for other guardians or want to see how strong Gaston is compared to other guardians you can check out the Disney Mirrorverse tier list

Gaston Stats:

  • Role: Range
  • Base DMG: 570
  • DMG Resistance: 79.92%
  • Max Armor: 3404
  • Critical Chance: 42.58%
  • Bonus Critical DMG: 484
  • Max Health: 5803

Gaston Talent Build

Gaston Talent Build

Gaston’s talent build is straightforward. You want to get as much damage from talents as you can. With damage from skills and talents, you will have one extremely powerful guardian. This build is the best and most players are using it. If you need resources for investing in Gaston talents or want to get more guardians you can use Disney Mirrorverse codes

Insult to Injury- Each time gastro Purges a Defense buff from his target he has a 50% chance to inflict a Wound, dealing 10% damage per second, for 5 seconds. 

Prized Possession- Each time Gaston defeats an enemy, he gains a Focus Buff for the duration of the encounter. The Max stack is 5. 

Snare- Gaston’s Special Ability has a 100% chance to root his target for 2 seconds. Max Stack is 1.

Gaston Skills

Core Ability: Thrill of the Hunt

Heavy Attacks inflict Wounds on Gaston’s target, dealing 20% damage per second, for 5 seconds. Max stack is 1. While his target is inflicted with a Wound, Gaston gains 15 Critical Chances. Gaston’s critical hits purge one defense buff from his target if they are inflicted with Wound. 

Special Ability: Fatal Wound

Gaston fires an arrow at his target which deals 300% damage on hit. If a Gaston target is inflicted with Wound, he heals an additional 500% damage. 

Signature Ability: No Mercy

When Gaston damages an enemy below 30% HP, he gains a 75% Attack Buff for 5 seconds. 

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