Goofy Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Goofy Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

In Disney Mirrorverse, Goofy is a range guardian. Goofy is an excellent guardian at first, but his performance gradually deteriorates when compared to other guardians. He’s great against tanks because he can take their armor, but in Disney Mirrorverse, you have much better range guardians. You can obtain goofy from crystal chests, and if you require them, you can use Mirrorverse codes to obtain a large number of free items, which you can then invest in goofy talents.

Goofy Stats:

  • Role: Range
  • Base DMG: 551
  • DMG Resistance: 79.84%
  • Max Armor: 3288
  • Critical Chance: 42.62%
  • Bonus Critical DMG: 544
  • Max Health: 4642

Goofy Talent Build

Goofy Talent Build

Goofy talent builds if focused on dealing as much damage as possible. It also works well against tank enemies. You can change your talent build based on your in-game situation and who you’re fighting.

Explosive Results- On basic critical hits, Goofy will inflict wounds that will deal damage over time. This is a useful talent to have if you want to increase Goofy’s damage.

Chaotic Criticals– This ability is excellent against tanks. Goofy will remove enemies’ armor on critical hits. You can replace this talent if you are not fighting tank enemies.

Reinforced Ricochets- This increases the damage done by Goofy’s special ability. You must have this talent regardless of your other talents.

Goofy Skills

Goofy Skills

Core Ability: Bombs Away

Basic Critical Hits inflict the enemy target with Armor Block for 10 seconds. Each time Goofy makes a Heavy Attack, he has a % chance to gain a % Critical Chance Buff for 2 seconds. [Max Stacks: 1]

Special Ability: Boomerang Blast

Goofys Boomerang seals 300% damage to enemy target, than ricochets to hit a different target for same amount of damage. Max ricochets: 2. If the target is armor blocked, Goofy boomerang deals an additional 200% damage.

Signature Ability: Impossible Luck

On basic critical hit, Goofy stack for his Special Increases by 1. Max is 7. Goofy special ability has a 50% chance to stun enemy target for 3 seconds on each hit.

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