Hades Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Hades Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Hades is a range guardian in Disney Mirrorverse. Hades is an extremely bad guardian when you compare him with other guardians. He simply does not perform that great and hopefully, he will be reworked in the future. It is ok to use Hades if you are a new player but you want to replace him with any other guardians. Just make sure that you do not waste too many resources on him until he gets reworked. You can find better guardians on the Disney Mirrorverse tier list.

Hades Talent Build

Hades Talent Build

Hades’ talent is pretty simple and it is not that great. It is one of the reasons why Hades is one of the worst guardians in the game. This is a simple talent build that increases Hade’s damage and what most players are using. If you need more resources for upgrading talent you can use Disney Mirrorverse codes.

Fury- Hade’s special ability deals an additional % of damage. Hade’s special ability deals an additional 100% damage for each burn on the target.

Cruelty- Each time an enemy gains Armor, hades gains a 10% focus buff. Max stacks are 5.

Arrogance- Hades Special Ability inflicts a burn dealing 10% damage per 3 seconds. All of Hades Burns are increased by the number of seconds for each enemy defeated by his special ability.

Hades Skills

Special Ability: Flames of Tartarus

Immune to Burn Critical Hits inflict a Burn dealing 10% damage per second for 3 seconds. if the target has Armor, the damage and duration of the Burn are doubled. Heavy Attacks have a 50% chance to inflict the same Burn and effect as Hades’ Core Ability.

Core Ability: Well of Souls

Hades Purges indestructible Buffs from all targets hit by this attack. Hades then deals 400% damage to all enemies in a small area around the current target. If the target is inflicted with a Burn, they suffer 600% damage instead. Finally, Hades inflicts a Burn dealing 10% damage per second, for 5 seconds.

Signature Ability: Last Laugh

If Hades defeats a target with his special ability, that target explodes, dealing 400% damage to all enemies. This ability can be retriggered by itself and enemies defeated in this way also explode and deal the same damage to all enemies.

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