Hercules Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Hercules Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

In the Disney Mirrorverse, Hercules is a melee guardian whose performance is average. Hercules has a respectable amount of damage and is one of the game’s highest starting attributes. He also possesses an immunity ability that blocks all damage for three sounds.

Comparing him to other guardians, however, reveals that he is average and not particularly effective. The majority of Hercules’s skills and abilities are geared toward dealing maximum damage. If you wish to replace Hercules with better guardians, you can visit the Disney Mirrorverse tier list, which ranks all guardians according to their level of performance.

Hercules Stats:

  • Role: Melee
  • Base DMG: 677
  • DMG Resistance: 80.17%
  • Max Armor: 5545
  • Critical Chance: 42.39%
  • Bonus Critical DMG: 290
  • Max Health: 5867

Hercules Talent Build

Hercules Talent Build

Hercules’ talent build is simple to do. You want to maximize his damage output and create synergy between his skills and talents. Overall, you can combine Hercules’s talents and test other things, but the majority of players use the talent we recommend. If you need resources for boosting his talent, you can use Disney Mirrorverse codes that contain the necessary resources.

Poseidon Surge- This talent allows Hercules to increase his Special Ability’s damage.

Athena’s Tactics- The attack buff granted by Hercules’s primary ability deals additional damage.

Dionysus Influence- With this talent Hercules’s special ability will inflict a stun on his target for 2 seconds. This is decent talent and if you do not need it you can replace it with other talents that will increase Hercules’s survivability.

Hercules Skills

Core Ability: Favored Son

When attacking an enemy, Hercules gains a 2% ATK buff each time he hits his current target(max stacks: 10). Additionally, while he is attacking, Hercules gains a 2% Focus Buff each time he is hit by his current target(max stacks: 10)  Buffs Hercules gains from his Core Ability are removed if he stops attacking or attacks a new enemy. 

Special Ability: Gift of Olympus

Hercules inflicts 400% damage to his current target and inflicts knockback. Hercules gains a 100% attack buff for 100 seconds for each enemy in combat(max stacks: 10)

Signature Ability: The Perfect Gift

Whenever Hercules defeats an enemy, he has a 100% chance to gain an indestructible buff for the next 3 seconds. 

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