Jack Skellington Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Jack Skellington Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Jack Skellington is a support guardian in Disney Mirrorverse. Jack Skellington’s talents and skills are insanely good. When you compare him with other guardians you will easily notice that he is one of the most powerful guardians in the game. If you need support guardian, you have to get Jack Skellington. He will provide a good amount of healing to all allies and provide a lot of buffs to the whole team. 

Jack Skellington Talent Build

Jack Skellington Talent Build

Jack Skellington has some strong talents that you can use. We are recommending the best talent build for Jack Skellington that most players are using. You can test other talents just to make sure that you are using The Perfect gift. Also, you can use Disney Mirrorverse codes if you need some free items that you can use to upgrade talents. 

The Naughty List- Whenever Jack Skellington purges a buff from an enemy, that enemy is inflicted with a minus defense debuff that will last the whole battle. This is a great talent that will help your DPS guardians to deal more damage to that target and destroy it easily. 

The Nice List- At the start of battle all allies will get a huge attack buff that will last the whole battle. This is an extremely powerful talent that you have to have. 

The Perfect Gift-  Attack buffs and heals from Jack Skellington’s core and Special abilities are stronger by %. Whenever Jack Skellington uses his special ability he has a chance to heal % of health per 5 seconds. This talent you have to use and have no matter what other talents you are using. 

Jack Skellington Skills

Special Ability: Tricks and Treats

All allies gain a 10% Attack Buff until the end of the encounter. [Max Stacks:5] All other allies Heal 2.5% per second for 5 seconds. All enemies are inflicted with a -10% Defense Debuff until the end of the combat. [Max Stacks: 5]

Core Ability: Stocking Stuffers

Jack’s Heavy Attack Purges one Attribute buff from its target. Whenever any ally Purges a Buff from an enemy, Jack Heals 2.5% and grants all allies a 10% Attack Buff for 10 seconds. [Max Stacks:3]

Signature Ability: Holiday Spirit

At the start of combat, each enemy gains a Trick Buff that lasts until the end of the combat. Trick Buffs are treated as 0% Attack Buff. [Max Stacks: 1] Whenever Jack Purges a buff, he deals an additional 200% damage to that target.

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