Judy Hopps Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Judy Hopps Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Judy Hopps is an extremely powerful Range Guardian in the Disney Mirrorverse. Comparing her to other guardians confirms that she performs quite well and deals significant damage. Judy Hopps has abilities and talents that root enemies and deal shock damage. You can obtain her through crystals, and if you need crystals, you can use Disney Mirrorverse codes to obtain them. Make sure that you check out the list of best guardians in Disney Mirrorverse where you can see how well Judy Hopps performs and what you can use with her.

Judy Hopps Stats:

  • Role: Range
  • Base DMG: 551
  • DMG Resistance: 80.03%
  • Max Armor: 4255
  • Critical Chance: 42.62%
  • Bonus Critical DMG: 544
  • Max Health: 4642

Judy Hopps Talent Build 

Judy Hopps Talent Build 

There are a variety of talent combinations that can be used with Judy Hopps, but we recommend using talents that increase her sock damage and overall damage. The recommended talent tree builds are what the majority of players use to maximize their value.

Longer Roots- This talent increases Judy Hopps’ root duration from her Core Ability, which is insanely beneficial.

Counter Measures- Judy Hopps will get a focus buff from this talent that can be stacked up to 10 times. If you manage to stack this effect, it provides a massive damage boost.

Electrifying Moves- With this talent, you’ll be able to inflict significant damage with your Special Ability. Shock deals damage to all targets it hits for 10 seconds.

Judy Hopps Skills

Core Ability- Rooting Carrots

On a critical hit, Judy roots grenades inflict a -10% defense debuff that lasts until the end of combat. On critical hits, if the enemy target has 3 or more defense debuffs, it is also rooted for 5 seconds. This ability has a 20-second cooldown. Each time Rooting makes a heavy attack. She gains a critical chance buff for 3 seconds. This buff is also removed when she hits an enemy target. 

Special Ability- Arresting Volley 

Judy Hopps launches a volley of 6 root grenades at an enemy target, also hitting enemies in a small area. Each target takes 400% damage. Each target is also rooted for 10 seconds. 

Signature Ability- Jump Start

At the start of each combat, all enemies gain a permanent -20% defense debuff. On special Ability critical hits, if the enemy target has 3 or more defense debuffs, the enemy target has a 40% chance to be Stunned for 3 seconds instead of Rooted. 

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