Maui Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Maui Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Maui in the Disney Mirrorverse is a tank guardian. When you compare his performance to that of other guardians, you’ll notice that he is decent. Maui’s skills and talent are oriented toward reducing damage by increasing defense and armor, and they will stun and knock back.

Maui will only be used to tank and will not deal much damage, so you’ll need to pair him with guardians who can deal a lot of damage. What DPS guardians you will use you can find them on the Disney Mirrorverse tier list. You can get Maui from various sources like crystals and there is a chance that he will be included in Disney Mirrorverse codes.

Maui Stats:

  • Role: Support
  • Base DMG: 482
  • DMG Resistance: 80.28%
  • Max Armor: 7253
  • Critical Chance: 41.93%
  • Bonus Critical DMG: 193
  • Max Health: 8865

Maui Talent Build

Maui Talent Build

Maui is a tank, and his skills are aimed toward stuns and increasing defense and armor, so you’ll need to boost those with his talent build.

On Maui, this is the best talent build you can use. It will improve his tank role by increasing his armor, but it will also provide allies with armor and defense, which is fantastic.

Gracious Gift- This is a fantastic talent. It will give all allies a defense buff, increasing the survivability of your DPS guardians that you use with Maui.

The Mighty Tamatoa- This is another ability that increases allies’ survivability. When Maui uses Special Ability, this talent will provide bonus armor to allies.

Fighting The Winged Best- When Maui gains a defense buff from his Core Ability, this talent will grant him a percentage of armor, which is great for increasing Maui’s survivability.

You can use any other talents you want, but the ones listed above are the best and are used the most.

Maui Skills

Maui Skills

Core Ability – Thank You

Each time an enemy gains a Buff. Maui gains a 10% Defense Buff. Max Stacks: 10

Special Ability: You’re Welcome!

Maui deals 400% Damage and Knocks Back all enemies around time.
Maui grants 5% armor to his allies for each defensive buff he has. Then all Maui’s defense buffs are removed. 

Signature Ability: Hero Of Men

Maui’s Special Ability now has a % chance to Stun all targets for 2 seconds.
Maui’s Special Ability Defense Buffs now have a Max Stacks: 15

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