Merida Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Merida Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Merida is a range guardian in Disney Mirrorverse. Currently, Merida does not perform that well when you compare her to other guardians so it is not worth investing in her. It is best to use guardians that will provide you with more value and damage. You can get Merida from different types of crystals. If you do not know what to use Merida you can check the list of best guardians in Disney Mirrorverse where you will find a decent replacement for her.

Merida Talent Build

Merida Talent Build

Merida’s best talent build is focused on critical hits. The more critical hits you do, the more damage you will dill during the battle. Now in order to get most of the damage from Merida, you have to be extremely lucky because chances for crits are not that great. This Merida build is what most players are using.

Wrathful Spirit- Merida’s Special Ability now deals additional damage on Critical Hit. If you are lucky and get a critical hit you will deal some serious damage.

Highlander Arrows- Basic Critical hits now deal additional damage. This is one more talent that will increase Merida damage if you are lucky with critical hits.

Savage Wisps- Each time Merida’s Special Ability deals a Critical Hit, Merida’s critical damage is increased by % for the rest of the encounter. The Max stack is 5. This talent is great and you have to use it.

Merida Skills

Special Ability: Bear Spirit

Merida deals 400% damage to her current target. If she has a Wisp Focus Buff, enemies around her target are also hit. Hit enemies are inflicted with a Wound, dealing 50% Damage per second for 6 seconds.

Core Ability: Wisp Focus

Every 8 shots, Merida gains a Wisp Focus Buff for 5 seconds, granting a +20% Critical Chance.

Signature Ability: Dunbroch Battle Cry

Wounds inflicted by Merida are 50% stronger.

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