Mike Wazowski Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Mike Wazowski Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Mike Wazowski is a support guardian in Disney Mirrorverse. When you compare Mike Wazowski with other guardians you will notice that his performance is not that great. He will heal, remove buffs and deal some damage but overall he is below average. It is best to replace Mike Wazowski with better support guardians as soon as possible otherwise it will slow your progression in Disney Mirrorverse. If you are not sure what guardian to use instead of Mike Wazowski you can check the list of best guardians in Disney Mirrorverse

Mike Wazowski Stats:

  • Role: Support
  • Base DMG: 413
  • DMG Resistance: 13.98%
  • Max Armor: 4062
  • Critical Chance: 10.55%
  • Bonus Critical DMG: 337
  • Max Health: 6770

Mike Wazowski Talent Build

Mike Wazowski Talent Build

When it comes to Mike Wazowski’s talent build you will use the talent that can boost your ally guardians because Mike Wazowski is not particularly good at anything. It’s only good to use him to boost your ally guardians. You can test other builds but this one is the best that a lot of players are using. If You need more resources to upgrade talents you can use Disney Mirrorverse codes

Encouraging Words- Heals from allies are stronger by %. This is great talent if you have guardians that will also heal. 

Proper Threat- Armor gained by all Allies is stronger by %. 

You Got This Buddy- Ally’s special abilities deal % much more damage. 

Mike Wazowski Skills 

Core Ability: Expert Coach

After a heavy attack, the ally with the lowest HP percentage heals 6%, and all allies with less than 20% health heal 6%. This ability has a 5-second CD.  Defense buffs from all allies are 10% stronger. Any time an ally gains armor while they already have armor, they gain a 10% attack buff for x5 seconds.

Special Ability: Rallying Cry

The current target gains lure for x10 seconds. Allies gain 10% armor. 80% chance to cleanse 1 attribute debuff from all allies. 

Signature Ability: We’re a Team

Grants 8% to all attributes for all allies while Mike is in the encounter. When Mike or one of his allies drops below 20% health for the first time in an encounter, that ally immediately heals 25%. 

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