Mr. Incredible Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Mr. Incredible Talent Build and Guide

Mr. Incredible is a tank guardian in Disney Mirrorverse. Mr. Incredible is definitely the best tank in the game and one of the best overall guardians that you can use. If you get him, invest all resources that you have in him. While Mr. Incredible is a tank this is capable of outputting a high amount of damage to his skills and talents. There are guardians that are melee and range who will deal less damage than Mr. Incredible. If you want to see how well Mr. Incredible performs compared to other guardians you can check out the Disney Mirrorverse tier list.

Mr. Incredible Talent Build.

Mr. Incredible Talent Build

Mr. Incredible talent build is great. With talents, you will be able to increase Mr. Incredible damage which will make him really strong. You can test other builds but this is what most high-end players are using. If you need more resources to invest in Mr. Incredible you can use Disney Mirrorverse codes.

Super Strong- Grants +20% Attack at the start of an encounter. Excellent talent to increase overall damage of Mr. Incredible.

Charged Punches- When Mr. Incredible uses 4 consecutive Basic Attacks, he has a 100% chance to gain a Kinetic Charge. Each Kinetic Charge also increases Basic Attack damage by 10%.

Show Time!- When Mr. Incredible uses his Special Ability, he gains an additional 10% Armor. Whenever Mr. Incredible gains a Kinetic Charge, he also gains a 10% Attack Buff for 5 seconds. [Max Stacks: 10]

Mr. Incredible Skills

Core Ability: Incredible Strength

Mr. Incredible is Immune to Knock Back, except for Special Abilities. For each second Mr. Incredible holds his Heavy Attack, he gains a Kinetic Charge, each increasing damage Resistance by 1%. He loses all Kinetic Charges if inflicted with Stun, Root, or Freeze. [Max Stacks: 5] Mr. Incredible’s Heavy Attack has a 50% chance to inflict Kinetic Knockback, which is able to knock back the enemy further and interrupt Special Abilities. This chance is increased by 5% for each Kinetic Charge. This Kinetic Knockback effect can only activate every 10 seconds.

Special Ability: Unstoppable Justice

Mr. Incredible gains 10% Armor, 5 Kinetic Charges, and deals 400% damage to his combat target, inflicting Kinetic Knockback. [Max Stacks: 5] Mr. Incredible gains an Unstoppable Justice Charge for 10 seconds, allowing his Basic Attacks to Purge Attack Buffs and allowing him to activate his Heavy Attack Kinetic Knockback continuously. When the Unstoppable Justice Charge expires, Mr. Incredible loses all Kinetic Charges and gains a Defense Buff worth 2% for each charge lost this way. [Max Stacks: 10]

Signature Ability: Kinetic Explosion

Whenever Mr. Incredible uses his Special Ability, after Unstoppable Justice expires, he deals 200% damage and inflicts Kinetic Knockback to all enemies in an area around him. When an enemy inflicted with Kinetic Knockback collides with another enemy, the other enemy is inflicted with Kinetic Knockback and both take 200% damage.

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