Stitch Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Stitch Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Stitch is a melee guardian in Disney Mirrorverse. Stitch is equipped with abilities and talents that can block enemy healing, avoid stuns and roots and deal decent damage. When you compare Stitch with other melee guardians you will notice that his performance is below average. Overall not a bad guardian if you are a new player but later you want to replace him with better guardians. You can get him and other guardians from crystals and if you need them you can use Disney Mirrorverse codes where you can get them and other valuable resources. If you do not know what to use instead of Stitch you can check out Disney Mirrorverse tier list

Stitch Talent Build

Stitch Talent Build

It is best to focus on damage output with Stitch  talent build. Talent that we are recommending is best for dealing high DPS and it has great synergy especially on his Special ability. You cna test other builds if you want to make Stitch  more tankier. 

Sharp Scratch- Grants bonus % attack at the start of battle. 

Combustion- If Stitch  triggers his Special Ability from his regular form, he deals an additional % damage to his target. This talent is great for increasing damage from Stitch. 

Controlled Chaos- Stitch  Special ability cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds. This is great talent to have so you can use special ability more often which is incented with talent Combustion. 

Stitch Skills 

Special Ability: Superheated Stitch

Stitch becomes Superheated, gaining a 25% Attack Buff and Immunity to Burn. Additionally, if Stitch was Metallic upon activation he keeps the Defense Buff from that form. Stitch then Heal Blocks his target for 12 seconds, deals 400% damage, and inflicts Knock Back. Stitch will remain Superheated as long as he keeps hitting an enemy at least once every 3 seconds.

Core Ability: Metallic Stitch

Stitch can use a Heavy Attack to change between his regular and Metallic forms. While Metallic, Stitch has a 25% Defense Buff and is Immune to Wound and Stun.

Signature Ability: Molten Stitch

The Attack Buff Stitch has while Superheated is increased by an additional 50%. If Stitch stays Superheated for 6 seconds he becomes Molten, keeping the abilities from Superheated and dealing an instant 15% Burn when attacking. Stitch will remain Molten as long as he keeps hitting an enemy at least once every 3 seconds.

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