Sulley Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Sulley Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Sulley is a tank guardian in Disney Mirrorverse who can tank damage, deal a fair amount of damage and he is able to stun enemies. Sulley is a guardian that is good for new players. Later with progression through the game, Sulley’s performance will start dropping when you compare him with other guardians.

It is best to replace Sulley with better guardians when you reach the mid and late stages of the game. Make sure that you do not spend too many resources on Sulley and do not forget to redeem all Disney Mirrorverse codes where you can get better guardians. 

Sulley Stats:

  • Role: Tank
  • Base DMG: 535
  • DMG Resistance: 80.35%
  • Max Armor: 8865
  • Critical Chance: 41.19%
  • Bonus Critical DMG: 113
  • Max Health: 8865

Sulley Talent Build

Sulley Talent Build

Sulley’s talents are not that great. It is best to use talents that will increase his defense and boost his damage. You can test out with other talents but this one is what most players are using. 

Seismic Surge- Sulley’s special ability deals additional damage. This is a great talent to have to boot Sulley damage. 

Kinetic Transfer- When Sulley activates his special ability, he gains armor for each target he hits. 

Enhanced Armor Code- Sulley core ability grants 8 additional armor when activated. 

Sulley Skills

Core Ability: Armor Up

Sulley gains 20% of defense as armor at the start of each combat in an encounter.

Special Ability: Sulley Slam

Sulley deals 600% damage and knocks back all enemies around him. Sulley has a 50% chance to stun all enemies hit for 3 seconds.

Signature Ability: Fierce Protector

When Sulley or one of his allies drops below 20hp for the first time in an encounter, he gains an attack buff and lures all enemies.

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