Ursula Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Ursula Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Ursula is a tank guardian in Disney Mirrorverse. When it comes to Ursula’s performance she is decent. She is a full tank that will not deal a lot of damage so it is best to pair her with other high DPS guardians. Ursula is a guardian that will get a lot of defense buffs from talents and skills so it will be hard to destroy her.

But when you compare her with other guardians you will see that there are much better tanks that you can use. Tanks that your whole team will benefit from like Mr. Incredible. If you are not sure what guardians you should use with Ursula or with what tank to replace her you can check out the tier list that ranks all guardians by their overall performance. 

Buzz Lightyear Stats:

  • Role: Tank
  • Base DMG: 535
  • DMG Resistance: 80.37%
  • Max Armor: 9671
  • Critical Chance: 41.72%
  • Bonus Critical DMG: 161
  • Max Health: 7253

Ursula Talent Build 

With Ursula, you can use and mix different talent builds but we recommend that you go for high defense. Most of the players are using builds that will increase Ursula’s defense. 

Fine Print- Enemies that are inflicted with binding contracts will give Ursula additional defense when they attack her which is great to boost her defense even more. 

Parasitic Clause- This talent is great. Ursula has a face to health herself when she hits an enemy that is inflicted with her Core ability. 

Aggressive Entanglement- This talent will increase damage to Ursula’s special ability which can be huge. If you are going to build some other talent, you must have this talent. 

Ursula Abilities

Core Ability: Disarming Presence

Deals 400% damage to Ursula’s current target. Ursula’s target is inflicted with a Binding Contract for the remainder of the encounter or until Ursula is defeated.

Core Ability: Disarming Presence

During combat. any enemy Ursula engages is inflicted with a -2.5% Attack Debuff every 1 second(s). These Debuffs are removed if Ursula switches or moves away from her current target. [Max Stacks: 8]. When a character inflicted with Ursula’s Binding Contract activates their Special Ability. Ursula gains a 10% Defence Buff. This activation does not need to be successful. [Max Stacks: 10].

Signature Ability: Contract Fulfilment

Whenever an enemy inflicted with a Binding Contract is defeated. Ursula gains 63. 33% Armor.

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