How to get and use Adv City Teleporte in Evony The King’s Return

How to get and use Adv City Teleporte in Evony The King's Return

Teleports in Evony The King’s Return are one of the most important items to have, especially if you fight a lot of enemy players. You’ll be moving your city all the time, which means you’ll need a lot of city teleports.

The issue arises when you need to relocate your city but are out of teleports and the cost of purchasing them from the store is extremely expensive. As a result, we created a list where you can accumulate a large number of teleports.

You should definitely play Evony The King’s Return on your PC to optimize your gaming experience.

Gather Troops- Destructive Attack

If you complete all of the quests, you will receive 32 teleports. It is difficult to do it alone, so it is preferable to collaborate with your alliance members. Why should you do it with members of your alliance? It will be easier to get kills, all alliance members will share scores and you will have fewer dead troops. Overall, a fantastic way to obtain free teleport.

The Crazy Egg Event

You can get a few teleports from crazy egg events, but not many, especially if you’re unlucky.

Other methods

Trade Products Event Monarch Competition is another method.
Wheel of Fortune Viking Challenge Event
Dwarf’s Lucky Apple Celebration

Other methods aren’t as good, but they’re worth mentioning.

How to use Adv City Teleports

To use a city teleporter you have to click on the map and choose teleport. It’s really that simple. Remember that you cannot use adv teleport from your inventory.


You will never run out of teleports in Evony The King’s Return if you use all methods. Also, always plan ahead of time when teleporting; it will save you a lot of time and effort.

Also, use caution when using basic City teleport because it works at random and will teleport you to random locations, whereas advanced City teleport allows you to choose a location.

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