Keep Upgrade and Requirements in Evony 2024

Keep Upgrade and Requirements

There are a lot of buildings in Evony The King’s Return and one of the most important buildings is Keep. Keep is the foundation for all other buildings. Requirements for upgrading Keep are pretty high and almost you have to upgrade all other buildings before you can upgrade keep in Evony The King’s Return.

There are a lot of benefits that you will get from upgrading Keep so try to push it as much as you can if you are a new player. One of the crucial benefits that you will get when you upgrade your keep on level 11 is that you will get Subordinate City.

While you are focusing on leveling up your keep it is recommended that you put your focus on your VIP level. It will boost everything including the speed of building keep.

Keep Upgrade Requirements

345104500Walls Lv2
459506000Walls Lv3, Farm Lv3
51080011000Walls Lv4, Farm Lv4
62140022000Walls Lv5, Warehouse Lv5
742300430009250Walls Lv6
Research : Military > Conscription Lv1
8838008500075000Walls Lv7, Academy Lv7
9166000170000150000Walls Lv8, Army Camp Lv8
10246000250000230000Walls Lv9, Bunker Lv9
11353000360000340000Walls Lv10, Hospital Lv10
1250600051000050000060000Walls Lv11, Workshop Lv11
13726000730000730000710000Walls Lv12
141040000110000011000001000000Walls Lv13, Archer Camp Lv13
Research : Military > Adv Dispatch Lv1
151490000150000016000001500000Walls Lv14, Trap Factory Lv14
162140000220000023000002200000Walls Lv15, Quarry Lv15
173070000320000034000003300000Walls Lv16, Mine Lv16
184400000480000049000004800000Walls Lv17
196300000700000072000007000000Walls Lv18, Embassy Lv18
Research : Military > Adv Conscription Lv1
208090000920000095000009300000Walls Lv19
2110600000120000001200000012000000Walls Lv20, Sawmill Lv20
2213300000160000001600000016000000Walls Lv21
2317100000210000002100000021000000Walls Lv22, Barracks Lv22
2422000000270000002800000028000000Walls Lv23, Stable Lv23
2528200000360000003700000036000000Walls Lv24, Academy Lv24
2669660000882000009180000090000000Walls Lv25, Watchtower Lv25
27116200000148000000152000000148000000Walls Lv26, Rally Spot Lv26
28172800000220000000220000000220000000Walls Lv27, Art Hall Lv27
29252000000320000000340000000320000000Walls Lv28, Research Factory Lv28
30403200000504000000525000000525000000Walls Lv29, Academy Lv29
31540000000669600000691500000709500000Walls Lv30
32720000000895644000918000000961343000Walls Lv31, Rally Spot Lv31, Army Camp Lv31
331000000001260000001280000001360000000Walls Lv32, Art Hall Lv32
341590000001950000001970000002136140000Walls Lv33, Research Factory Lv33
353700000003780000003820000004185927000Walls Lv34, Academy Lv34
364600000005600000005670000006235714000Walls Lv35, Victory Column Lv1
2X5.8M power generals
37669000000810000000822000000900000000Walls Lv36
Military Academy Lv1
381040000000127000000012800000001419000000Walls Lv37
Holy Palace Lv37
391940000000230000000023700000002620000000Walls Lv38
Triumphal Arch Lv1
40457000000055600000000559519139686190000000Walls Lv39
Military Academy Lv4

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