How to get commanders in LOTR Rise To War

How to get commanders in LOTR Rise To War

This guide will explain how to conscript new Commanders, and also how to earn respect points which are the primary focus when recruiting new Commanders in LOTR Rise To War. Players can obtain various Commanders, however, the availability of the Commanders depends on the faction they chose.

When players first start playing the game, they will be able to choose a faction. After choosing, players will have to complete a tutorial mission in order to understand the gameplay. Once players have completed the tutorial, it is recommended that they follow the tasks to level up. Every player will be given 2 Commanders upon starting their game after completing tutorial missions you will have to choose your faction and 2 starting Commanders.

As mentioned above, players will have to choose to join either the Fellowship or the Warband. It is important to note that each alliance has its own unique characters, also known as Commanders.

These Commanders are essentially generals that lead the players’ armies. Each Commander has their own unique skill tree, which when upgraded makes them powerful warriors. Each upgraded skill can boost damage and add various combat effects, speed, sustain and other buffs.

Players are also able to equip their Commanders with different armour sets, which applies additional statistics and effects to the army as well as to Commander itself.

The Commanders are ranked in different tiers: S-tier, A-tier and the B-tier. The S-tier features the strongest Commanders and rarest ones to get, while the B-tier holds the weakest and common Commanders.

In order to get more Commanders, players need to collect rare treasures (drops, loot). It is believed that this is the game’s gacha mechanic. However, players do not need to pull for new Commanders.

Lotr Rise To war chest

The gifts that players receive from the rare treasures indicate if they will get a new Commander or not, Depending on the rarity, each Commander has a respect meter that you need to collect respect points in order to fill and recruit them. Additionally, players will need to offer a gift to the Commander.

Gifts for commander in LOTR Rise To War

In the Commander’s menu, players can also discover two potential gift options. You can offer them either of these items to earn respect, and in time collect them. It is important to note that some of the very rare characters have high demands for gift options, having that in mind players should distribute and pay close attention to gifts demand so they don’t miss out on a very rare Commander because they don’t have appropriate gifts to give.

Another good way to get Commanders is Tavern and “mission” that they sometimes give, check the “Tips” tab in the Tavern menu because you might sometimes get missions to do from there that will give you some respect points for designated Commanders. Commanders in question are random but nonetheless Taverns are a great way to earn additional respect points. Also use all your gems to refresh tips.

Also, try LOTR Rise To War PC version, it will give you a much better gaming experience.

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