LOTR Rise to War Mistakes To Avoid

LOTR Rise to War Mistakes To Avoid

Today, we’ll go over the most common mistakes that players make in LOTR Rise to War. These mistakes are so serious that you will be disappointed if you make them. When I first started playing LOTR Rise to War, I made them, and most people did as well.

As a result, we compiled this list of the most common mistakes.

Not using tavern

The tavern is a great place to obtain commanders, experiences, and commander gear. Because the rewards are fantastic, you should complete every quest in your tavern.

When should you finish quests in a tavern:

  • If your commander is idle, send them on a quest
  • If you want to take a break from the game
  • If you’re going to sleep

In addition, once you’ve completed your taverna, you should replenish it with gems. It will provide you with the best value for money for the games available in LOTR Rise to War.

Not Upgrade the middle of the ring Dominance

Dominance is the middle of the ring, and it can be upgraded. Most people are unaware that you can upgrade it, but you should do so as much as possible. This is the reason:

First and foremost, when you first begin, the most important aspect of everything is your production, which you can increase by using as many tiles as you can. Dominance increases the number of tiles you can occupy. The more tiles you have, the more resources you will produce and the more Ring power you will have when upgrading a ring.

So collect as many tiles as you can and try to improve the ring’s center. Also, do not delete your tiles unless you are at maximum capacity and want to occupy higher ones.

Not Completing Chapter Quests

Chapter Quests in Lord of the Rings: Rise to War are excellent for learning what to do and how to play. But that isn’t the only reason Chapter Quests are important. They are significant because you will gain more land limit, allowing you to occupy more titles, increasing your resource production and ring power.

Not using most of Buffs at the beginning of the game

When you start and create an account you will get insane buffs that include
March speed 100%
Solder death rate -50%
Commander wounded recovery -90%
Commander stamina expenditure -50% 
These buffs are extremely powerful, which is why you should do everything you can within the first 24 hours of creating an account. They will significantly accelerate your growth.

To learn a game, create a test account to learn how to play, then create a new account and you will not waste a single minute of that buff learning how to play LOTR Rise to War. When you have time to play, it is best to create a new account.

Not spending your stamina and ability points

You should use all of your commanders’ stamina to take as many tiles as possible. I can’t emphasize how important tiles are, so get your commander out there and spend action points on them.

Ability points are another useful currency in LOTR Rise to War, and you should spend them as much as possible. The best use of them is for farming/gathering resources.

Do not fight high-level Mobs

Send as many troops as you can with the best commander when attacking tiles. Attack lower-level tiles to avoid taking a lot of dead troops and damage. This is necessary so that you can take on more titles. That is why it is critical to accomplish as much as possible in the first 24 hours in order to sustain less damage. Later you can focus on getting 300+ lvl tiles and special tiles that have Fellbeast or Hobbits.

Returning your commander to your city

This is one of the errors I made. I would constantly send my commander back to the city to replenish troops, but you are not required to do so. When your commander is outside the city, there is a hand icon that, when clicked, allows you to replenish your troops without sending your commander back.

This is a great feature to have when your commander is out of town and you don’t want to waste time recalling him to refill him. Also, you can build forts where you can send your troops so you do not waste your time walking back to the city.

Never stop building

One of the most common mistakes that new players make in LOTR Rise to War is leaving their building queue empty. This is a critical error because higher-level buildings take a long time to complete. You want to keep building.

Additionally, try to heal and train troops as much as possible.

Be a part of a powerful faction.

This is critical for your progress; try to join the most powerful faction on your server and you will be rewarded. Also try to relocate your city near your faction members.

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