Resources Guide LOTR Rise To War

Resources Guide LOTR Rise To War

Resources are important in LOTR Rise Of Kingdoms because you will need them for almost everything. As a result, knowing how to optimize resource production is critical.

If you are a new player in LOTR Rise To War, you will need a lot of ore and food at first, so focus on getting them initially, and then you can optimize your resource production later.

The issue with resources in LOTR Rise To War is that there is a limit to how much your city can hold. When your limits are reached, your production will halt until you spend them. As a result, you should have the same amount of resources produced for each type of resource.

Gold, on the other hand, is a different story. You cannot farm gold, but there are a few ways to obtain a large amount of it through events. You can check our gold guide.

How to get resources in LOTR Rise To War?

In LOTR Rise To War, there are several ways to obtain resources.

Production tiles- The first and most important method is to acquire resources by capturing production tiles. It will give you a high rate of resource production per hour. More resources will be given to you if you capture tiles of a higher level.

You can either search manually for tiles that will increase your resource production or use an in-game search. If you are a new player, it is best to manually search for tiles near your city. It will save you a significant amount of time. Also, concentrate on tiles that provide ore and food production, as you will require a lot of it at first.

Gathering- Sending your commanders to gather on tiles is the second way to get resources in LOTR Rise To War. This is an excellent method for obtaining specific types of resources quickly. The issue with farming resources is that you will have to spend ability points and commander energy.

Events- In LOTR Rise To War, there are events that will provide you with resources. To complete every single event that you can, not only because you will receive resources, but also because there are many other great items that you can obtain.

Use the resource boost- There is a resource boost that will increase the speed of your production. It is ideal for use when you are running low on resources.

You can also increase your resources production with faction bonus, ring talent, fellowship bonus, and structure bonus. So try to optimize everything and you will get a lot of production bonuses that will help you a lot. 

Market- Obtaining resources from the market is a fantastic thing. You should keep an eye on it and buy your resources whenever they become available. You will exchange one resource for another, and as a result, you will receive a large number of free resources. For example, purchasing 100k wood will cost you 80k ore.

That is the free 20k of resources you will receive. There is a section for trading resources where you can exchange one type of resource for another. The problem with this trade is that you will lose resources, so only do it if you are desperate for one type of resource.

Tips- Tips is another excellent source of information. You can accumulate a lot of it over time, but tips are not only great for getting free resources, but also for gaining a lot of commander favor, gear, and commander experience. As a result, we strongly advise you to do tips as much as possible.

We recommend you that you check lotr rise to war on pc. It will give you a much better gaming experience and it will be easier for you to optimize your gameplay.

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