LOTR Rise to War Siege Guide

LOTR Rise to War Siege

The movie Lord of the Rings wouldn’t be complete without those Fantastic Siege scenes, allowing one to defeat the enemies while they are trying to defend a fortress. The same can be said for the LOTR Rise to War because the developers had to put up good siege scenes in the game as well. So, here we have a detailed guide on how you can siege in the game. As it is not an easy task, let us hop into our siege guide.

Before you get started with the siege, it is important to know about the Tiles in the game. The Tiles in LOTR are the ground that you can select and place things on. Based on their importance, there are two types of tiles in Lord of the Rings: Rise to War..

Do Siege much easier you can always play LOTR Rise To War on PC. Almost all strong players are playing on PC because it is a lot easier to control units and position your troops.

Land Tiles

These are the tiles that don’t possess any structures at all on the ground and are referred to as the land tiles. Land tiles are somewhat defensive but based on their information (through clicking on the land tiles), you get to know there is only one Health.

There is no need to do the siege damage to get the Land, rather if you have a strong enough army for the siege, you can get the land tiles.

Other Tiles

If you look closely in the game, there are some tiles of ground that aren’t empty, while maintaining specific things like crossings, ruins, control points, and landmark structures. These tiles are different from the Land tiles based on their color and physical appearance.

Fascinatingly, these tiles are most of the time defending the armies and if you check the information (through clicking on the tiles), you can get to know that there is defense health mentioned on the tiles.

When you proceed further into the game, you will notice that there are even massive structures that aim to defend the armies. For example, when you level up, you will find a fortress named Edoras that has a much greater defense against the opposition.

So, when you are sieging in the game, these are the basic things you need to take into account while most of the mechanism of the siege is based on these tiles.

After you get a general idea of Tiles, it is time to talk about the process of taking out one. For example, when you are about to take a crossing, make sure you have enough armory and power to damage it.

Siege Damage

Siege damage is done when you take out the armies, which are mentioned on the tiles you want to focus on. The only problem here is that when you take down the armies (mentioned in the information of tile), there will be a short period of around an hour or so before the armies could reset. 

At that time, you are doing the siege damage to tiles and the thing to note here is that if you do a bit of siege damage to the tiles and leave them be; they will start to regenerate over some time. So, it’s best to end the thing you have started!

Checking the Siege Damage

In LOTR: Rise to War, you can check out the siege damage your armies can do to certain tiles. You should go to the main building or All Things Middle Earth and from there go to the Army. For example, if you want to check out the Siege damage of knights, you need to click on them from the center screen.

Here you will find quite a lot of information and amongst it, there will be siege damage written. That damage is per troop and if you have 400 troops, the damage multiplies to that number.

Capturing the Control Point

After you have done enough siege damage to the tile, you will have the ability to capture the control point. Again, you must have enough armory by your side to do the siege damage, and once you start the siege damage, it’s best to go all the way.

Strategies to Look out for

  • When you are going for a siege, it is important to note that the location should be closer to you. It takes quite a lot of stamina for siege and you will need your troops to come back after stamina bar refills. 
  • If a siege is far away, you need to make fortresses to gather troops there.
  • After you defeat the defending army, your troops don’t take any damage. Meaning you can send out an army troop after you have defeated a structure and it won’t take any damage at all. All the siege depends on the damage!

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