How to have Colored Name in Warpath


The colored name in Warpath is one of the features that are great in Warpath and hopefully, they will not remove it. Have in mind that your name color will only be displayed on a banner, leaderboards while on the map your color will be the same. It is so simple to make your name in any color that you want. Follow the guide below and to learn how to do it.

First thing is to go on google color picker and choose a color that you want to use. Click here to go on google color picker. After you picked you color copy HEX number but without #. While you are in commander profile changing color you can use warpath redeem codes


Now you have to navigate to your Commander Profile and you can do it by clicking your in-game avatar on the top left side of your screen. 

  1. Click on edit name and you will be able to change your name. If you are a new player you will be able to change it for free. If you already change it it will cost you 500 gold
  2. Use this format [ColorCode]Name. Now you should be able to see the name color and how it looks inside the warpath. 
  3. To do color name change easier you should download Warpath on PC.

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