Where to spend Gold in Warpath


We all know that Gold in warpath is the most important type of resource not only because it is hard to get but with gold you can get anything.

Your first focus should be to increase VIP on level 4 so you can get a nice boost in stat but most important is one universal coupon daily.

After that, you should invest all your gold to get VIP level 10. Not only will you be able to get 3 Camp coupons daily but you will be able to get one Gold officer Statue.

After you get your VIP level you can choose to get more VIP level or spend gems on Lucky Wheel that will give you a lot of Sculptures if you are lucky.

The above should be your priority but that does not mean that you should not spend gold on Black Market or in VIP shop. It is all about your situation, how much gold you have, are you free to play or big spender.

There’s a chance you can get gold with warpath gift codes, so look into them. We can also advise you to find out which officers and units are the best in warpath so you don’t waste your gold on them.

Spending goldon VIP


VIP levels are most important if you are planning to get stronger and have great units,officers and upgrade units fast. For one gold in warpath you can get one VIP level. Investing your Gold to get VIP 10 or 11 should be your number one priority. You will get great stats, camp coupons and Gold officer statues.

Spending gold in VIP shop

If you have a lot of gold, a VIP shop is a great place to spend it. Every week VIP shop will be reset so you will be able to spend and buy items with your gold at a great price.

There are a lot of items in the VIP shop that you can buy but you have to be careful. The best items that you can buy in a VIP shop with gold are any type of rush universal coupons, Camp coupons, universal Components, Gold officer statue and Components. Rest is not so much worth it. But I would still recommend you to spend gold on your VIP levels

Spending gold in Black Market


This is usually for big spenders who have a lot of gold. I would recommend you to only buy items that are on a big discount. Rest is not worth it.

Spending gold on events


In warpath, there are a lot of events where you can spend your gold in Warpath and one of them is Lucky Wheel. Lucky Wheel is one of the best methods to upgrade your officers fast. But it will cost you a lot so you must make a destination if you are planning to invest in VIP levels or on Wheel. It is up to you.

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