Commander Profile in Warpath


The Commander profile in Warpath is a place where you can see all information about your account and optimize your game.

Commander ID

Each player will get a unique commander id. There is a chance that your id will change if warpath grows even more.


Every name in Warpath must be unique which means that a player can not have the same name. So it is best to change your name when you create an account. Names can contain 3-15 characters and you can use numbers, letters, and special characters. 

Also, you can change your name to have a specific color. There is a high possibility that they will remove this option. You can change your name anytime but you will need to spend 500 gold. The first name change will be free.


Commander-profile avatar

All players can change their profile picture for free. You can upload your own or you can use default pictures. It is up to you. On top of that, you can use a special frame that you can get with in game purchases or with events.


Power is the number of your total power of troops, officers, technology, gear, buildings, etc. Every time you lose units or upgrade any building your power will be increased.

VIP level

From the Commander profile, you can access your VIP level. Most people do not know that you can find VIP shops inside VIP levels.

Level of profile

This is your profile level. By upgrading buildings you are increasing this profile level. Increasing your profile level is important because some buildings require high levels.

Energy points


Energy points are used for collecting rewards from ravens and raven bunkers. It is a green bar and the max amount that you can have is 150. Also from here, you increase energy points by clicking the green plus icon.

Basic information

Under energy points, you can find some basic information about your account.

The alliance is showing you in which alliance you are, enemy killed is a place where you can check how many enemy troops you have destroyed, in what city you are currently, and city posts.

More info

More info is a place where you can see basically everything about your power. This is great when you are recruiting new players so you can know how active they are and how strong they are.


The ranking is a great place. Here you can see a list of all alliances, top players by power, kills, resources collection, etc. Also, a great place to check for strong players that you can invest in your alliance.


profile options

Here you will find all settings for the warpath.
Notifications- a place where you can disable and choose what notifications you want to receive
Language- there are few languages currently but in time there will be more
General settings- here you can reduce graphics so you can run your game better. Also, you can change volume and some other options.
Commanders- this is a great tool if you want to find your friends. Simply enter the username of another player.
Roles- this is a place where you can change accounts. You can create only one role per city or you can create a new role on a different server. The role means your account.
Community- here you can see the whole list of official communities. Also when you join one of the communities you will receive 200 gold.
Terms- basically terms of service of Warpath
Emotions- a place where you can change emotions.
Accounts- this place is very important. You have to link your account or you will lose your account. What I mean by that is when you delete warpath you will lose all your progress if your account is not linked.
Faqs- most asked questions about the warpath
Gifts- a place where you can enter warpath redeem codes to receive great rewards.
Replay- video of warpath.

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