Resources collection in Warpath Guide


Resources collection in Warpath is very important because every research and building upgrade requests resources. On top of that, you are limited because you can not create a farm account. There is no option where you can transfer resources to another city. Maybe Warpath will add that in the future. Warpath redeem codes can be used to obtain additional resources and other rewards, so it is worthwhile to check them.

How can you collect more resources faster in warpath?

There are few ways how you can increase resources collection and that is with Collection Title, VIP Resources collection bonus, Technology, Resources collection on alliance territory, Collections Convoy.

Collection Title

There is an alliance title that can give you a Resources collection speed bonus of 10%. It seems low but if you are a new player this can be huge. But there is a limitation to this because only one player can have it as an alliance. So try to work your way in alliance ranks and if you are good, the alliance leader will give it. 

VIP Resources collection bonus

VIP levels in warpath will give you a nice boost in the Resources collection. That is why it is important to increase your VIP levels as fast as you can. Not only that you will get an increased Resources collection but a lot of other great rewards. 



Industry technology is much more important than Military technology when you start with Warpath. It will give you a nice bonus in the Resources collection and unlock additional Collection convoys. You do not have to max your industrial technology but you need to find a gold balance between industrial and military technology. 

Collections Convoy

When you just start you will have only 3 collection convoys but with Industrial technology, you can unlock 2 more. So give your best to get 2 of them the fastest you can. 

Resources collection on alliance territory

Warpath-resources-collection (1)

When you are collecting resources on alliance territory your Resources collection will be increased by 25%. This is a lot when you are a new player. So try to collect on alliance territory every time. Also, you can receive a small box after collecting on alliance territory that contains resources.

There is a small number of resources that you can get from daily missions every day so try to complete it. Do not forget to see what officers and units are them best from the warpath tier list. You should try out Warpath on PC for a better gaming experience and have fun in war without lag.

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