VIP Points and VIP Levels in Warpath Guide

VIP Points and VIP Levels in Warpath Guide

Many mobile games, including Warpath, have a VIP system. VIP in Warpath is an extremely important function that you should not overlook; it will provide you with numerous benefits and free items. You should prioritize VIP from the start and spend all of your gold to advance in the VIP levels.

You can earn free 200 VIPs each day by logging in every day, but this will not be enough to significantly increase your VIP level. You’ll have to spend your warpath gold on bundles. High VIP levels are typically only available to pay to win players.

To play the game on a bigger screen you should check out Warpath on PC. it will make your gaming experience a lot better and on top of that, you will be able to destroy more enemy troops without lag.

How to Increase VIP level

Daily login- You can redeem free 200 VIP points each day by collecting them in the VIP Menu.

Alliance Gifts- When an alliance member purchases something from a shop, they will receive a gift box containing free VIP or gold that can be converted to VIP. That is why it is critical to be part of a huge alliance in order to grow quickly.

Spend Gold- By spending gold, you can quickly raise your VIP level. You will receive 1 VIP point for every gold.  Spend all of your gold to reach VIP level 9, where you will receive a lot of coupons. This will allow you to have powerful units.

Spend on Bundles- This is the quickest way to accumulate a large number of VIP points. Not only will you receive VIP points, but you will also receive a large amount of gold, which you can exchange for VIP.

Alliance shop– with contribution points you can buy VIP points.

You won’t get much, and there are better options available. However, if you are close to increasing your VIP LVL, it is advised that you spend some contribution points on VIP points.

VIP Shop

Rush from VIP store

A VIP store is an excellent place to obtain items such as rush and coupons. The higher your VIP level, the more diverse the items you can purchase. There are items that can be purchased with resources, and you should purchase all of them. It is completely worthwhile. There exists items in VIP shops that you can purchase with gold that aren’t worth it. There are better uses for your gold. Leave this to the players who are willing to pay to win. Every 7 days, the VIP store is reset.

You can always use warpath redeem codes so you can get gold that you can invest in your VIP and check the warpath tier list so you can know what units and officers are currently best in the game.

Best VIP Levels

VIP 4- This is the first thing that you must achieve if you are a new player. It will significantly accelerate your progress. Every day, you will receive a free coupon that you can redeem for units.

VIP 7- You will receive two coupons, which is fantastic, but it is not enough; you must advance to level 9 as soon as possible.

VIP 9– Things will change when you reach VIP level 9. You will receive three camp coupons per day, which is enormous and a game-changer, especially if you are a free-to-play player. Every month, you’ll receive 90 coupons, which you can use to boost your troops and upgrade. Insane value. As a result, you must complete it as soon as possible.

Warpath VIP Ranks

VIP rankStartEndDifferenceBonus
Rank 10200200VIP Store access
Military funds collection +10%
Energy recovery +5%
Daily specials unlocked
Rank 220015001300Steel collection +10%
+30 Unit Capacity
+50 Parts Capacity
Rank 3150060004500Oil collection +10%
Production speed +2%
Rank 4600020k14k3 Universal Coupon
x2 Daily Rushes
Military funds collection +15%
Energy recovery +10%
Industry Research +5%
Investments unlocked
Rank 520k40k20kSteel collection +15%
Production speed +4%
Production queue +5
Military Research +5%
Rank 640k75k35kOil collection +15%
+50 Unit Capacity
+100 Parts Capacity
Industry Research +5%
Officer and Camp XP +5%
Rank 775k120k45kMilitary funds Collection +20%
Production queue +10
Military Research +7%
Unit speed +7%
Rank 8120k180k60kx3 Daily Rushes
+1 Airlift
Silver Parts case
Covert Masons
Steel collection +20%
Energy recovery +15%
Covert Masons unlocked
Rank 9180k250k70k3 Camp Coupon
Oil collection +20%
Energy recovery +15%
Production speed +8%
Industry Research +10%
Officer and Camp XP +7%
Rank 10250k350k100kGold Officer Statue
Military funds Collection +25%
Base durability recovery +10%
+80 Unit Capacity
+150 Parts Capacity
Production queue +6
Military Research +10%
Rank 11350k500k150kSingle-tap production
Steel Collection +25%
Unit Speed +7%
Universal Durability +5%
Rank 12500k750k250kOil collection +25%
Industry Research +15%Daily Rush Reward Limit +4
Unit Damage Inflicted +5%
Officer and Camp XP +10%
Rank 13750k1m250kMilitary funds Collection +30%
Unit Capacity +100
Reserve troops +2000
Production Queue +10
Military Research +15%
Rank 141m1.5m500kSteel Collection +30%
Energy Recovery +25%
Parts Capacity +200
Unit Speed +10%
Unit Damage Reduction -5%
Rank 151m2m1mOil collection +30%
Unit capacity +150
Parts capacity +250
x5 Daily rushes
+2 Airlifts
Reserve troops recovery rate +100%
Rank 162m3m1mMilitary Research +35%
Production Queue +80
Officer EXP for Officer Missions +12%
Camp EXP for Officer Missions +12%
Universal Power bonus +10%
Training speed increase +10%
Rank 173m4m1mSteel collection efficiency +35%
Unit capacity +200
Base durability +15%
Universal durability bonus +10%
Increase teleports +1
Rank 184m6m2mOil collection efficiency +35%
Parts capacity +300
Daily rush rewards limit increased to 6
Unit damage inflicted +10%
Training speed increase +15%
Rank 196m8m2mEnergy recovery speed +30%
Unit capacity +250%
Production queue +100
Unit damage suffered -10%
Recovery rate +150%
Increase teleports +2
Rank 208m12m4mParts capacity +350
Officer EXP for Officer Missions +15%
Camp EXP for Officer Missions +15%
Airlift limit +3
Universal Firepower bonus +20%
Universal Durability bonus +20%
Training Speed increase +20%

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