Tiana Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Tiana Talent Build and Guide Disney Mirrorverse

Tiana is a support guardian in Disney Mirrorverse. Tiana’s skills and talents will provide you with a lot of healing, cleanse buffs and stuns which are extremely strong. When you compare Tiana with other support guardians you will see that she is one of the strongest support guardians in the game. You can not go wrong by using her. She is available in crystal chests, if you need more crystals you can use Disney Mirrorverse. It is best to pair her with melee DPS guardians. If you do not know what DPS guardians you should use you can check out Disney Mirrorverse tier list.

Tiana Talent Build

Tiana Talent Build

Tiana’s talent build is focused on increasing allies’ damage and providing more healing. Talent built for Tiana that we are recommending is what most players are using but feel free to test others and see what works best for your team composition.

Gastronomic Gusto- Attack buffs from Tiana’s core ability are % stronger. This is a great talent for increasing the overall damage to your team.

Hearty Gumbo- Tiana heals all allies within range of her special ability, and an additional % HP per second for 3 seconds. This is a really strong and important talent that you must use.

Full Belly- Each time Tiana or her allies would gain a cleanse buff from Tiana’s Special Ability, but can not due to the max Stacks, for each excess cleanse buff Tiana instead grants all allies a % of attack buff for 10 seconds.

Tiana Skills

Special Ability: The Main Course

Tiana throws a potion at her ally, with the lowest HP percentage, dealing 100% damage and Knocking Back enemies in a small area around the target. Tiana Heals 10% HP to all allies and grants 1 Cleanse Buff(s).

Core Ability: Cleansing Fireflies

Launching Tiana’s Heavy Attack has a 50% chance to gain a Cleanse Buff, automatically removing itself to Cleanse the next Damaging Debuff or Stun that activates. [Max Stacks: 3] Each time Tiana or an ally Cleanses any Debuff, Tiana gains a 10% Attack Buff for 10 seconds. [Max Stacks: 3]

Signature Ability: Picante Potions

Tiana’s Heavy Attack has a 25% chance to inflict a Burn dealing 25% damage per second for 4 seconds. [Max Stacks: 1] Enemies hit with Tiana’s Special Ability have a 50% chance to be inflicted with a Burn dealing 75% damage per second for 4 seconds. [Max Stacks: 1]

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