LOTR: Rise to War- Best and Most Promising Units


Our comprehensive handbook to The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War best and most promising units can help you decide on the forces to concentrate on especially in the first phases of this mobile technique game. The recent title form in Middle-Earth is an unexpectedly layered geographical service sim.  You may like to improve your proportion of units to generate the most helpful attack on opponent soil.

This is where this useful best unit guide comes into the picture. We break down every unit category in this game, including the ones that are exclusive to specific factions, you will know which ones are best conformed to your strategy. It gives you the proficiency you want to head right into the game’s barracks and also begin training your choicest units. The One Ring would be yours soon – we are convinced of it.

Middle-Earth buffs rejoice because Rise to War tends to be a mobile access in the super hit franchise which will keep you occupied for a long time. When you are a beginner to this game and would like some help, you can check out The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War handbook. It would assist you in finding your feet. There is a LOTR Rise To War Commander’s tier list for you to know what characters to concentrate on when you unlock.

To enjoy high graphics feel free to check out LOTR Rise To War on PC. It will give you a much better gaming experience.


Firstly, it is worth noting that there exist 7 base units that you can utilize regardless of the faction you choose. There would be cosmetic disparities, however, these units would perform the same in every faction.


  • Category: Ranged
  • Grows to: Sentinel, Marksman
  • Base level damage: 15-16, 86 speed, 18 HP

First is the Hunter, the base range unit in The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War. They are not the most helpful units, with inconsequential damage and poor HP. Nonetheless, their fast momentum for base units suggests they are beneficial, purely through brutal force and mere numbers. When you upgrade Hunters, they will get more helpful – but they begin pretty vulnerably.

Horseback Archer

  • Category: Ranged
  • Grows to: Bow Knight, Cavalry Archer
  • Base level damage: 21-23, 127 speed, 56 HP

The Horseback Archers are supposed to be the next base unit that has stats that greatly outperform Hunters. They are also ranged units, shooting pointers from horseback. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that you may get fewer Horseback Archers in every squadron because they test at a sluggish velocity than Hunters. When they occur in smaller quantities, they would be singly bigger than the Hunter variety.


  • Category: Melee
  • Grows to: Cavalier
  • Base level damage: 26-37, 139 speed, 76 HP

The next base units are the Outriders, sword-wielding soldiers on horseback. Velocity is the cue here, with Outriders having the ability to reprimand into fighting and split at enemies, with decent HP stats for booting. The one downside is the number of resources that you’ll want to draft. This is no minor cost, however, the bonus is an incredibly strong unit.


  • Category: Melee
  • Grows to: Herald
  • Base level damage: 12-24, 80 speed, 28 HP

These units use shields and swords, meaning they are tougher for enemies to overthrow than others who march on foot. Having said that, the poor HP and destruction on Wardens of level 1 make them a dangerous choice because they may not do the stunt in the fervor of fighting.


  • Category: Ranged
  • Grows to: Sharpshooter, Longbowman
  • Base level damage: 9-15, 80 speed, 20 HP

Speed is again the emphasis with this range unit because it’s generally poor destruction and HP implies it can not take several hits to bring them to the Apothecary. Nonetheless, they are very simple to train, and when upgraded, Sharpshooters become much more dominant in fighting – if yet a little vulnerable.


  • Category: Melee
  • Grows to: Guard of the Tower, Spearman.
  • Base level damage: 8-13, 89 speed, 24 HP.

These units are adequate for padding your forces, guaranteeing you have got sufficient sheer quantities to simply overpower your enemy. This is because the attacking stats certainly are not something to awe at, with miserable damage which only soars to 12-15 if entirely upgraded. When you like units to absorb damage, they become helpful – but don’t foresee them to gain a battle.


  • Category: Melee
  • Grows to: Cataphract, Knight
  • Base level damage: 15-23, 132 speed, 65 HP

While not relatively as strong as the Horseback Archer, these steed-riding units will deliver substantial attacking statistics while also sponging a respectable size of the damage. Little later advancements of these units become scarcely more massive with shorter speed, however, the upswing in destruction, to a considerable 26-35, extemporizes for it. The Horseman units are units to carry in the reason for melee combatants.


  • Category: Melee
  • Base level damage- 14-20, 100 speed, 30 HP
  • Grows to: Dúnedain

These units are a fraction of the lineage of Man and they are barely unlockable while you join hands with the Arnor Faction. There is a uniform mid-level accomplishment here, with strong attacking statistics that will gradually whittle down a competitor’s health. Nevertheless, HP is low, and you may discover that Rangers perish very effortlessly. That speed stat is worth pointing out though because they can zip across the battleground sooner than many of the on-foot combatants.

Dwarven Footman

  • Category: Melee
  • Base level damage: 8-11, 86 speed, 26 HP
  • Grows to: Guardian, Shieldbearer

Dwarves are a few of the most favorite fighters in Middle-Earth. Although the low destruction of their Rise to War units brings about an exquisite hard sell. These units can soak surplus damage, all thanks to an exemplary Defence stat when fully upgraded, however, the inadequacy of attacking efficacy means they may not conduct well. When you are the type of player wanting a hard and dominant team, these units can put up with punishment – however, they can’t truly dish it off.

Axe Thrower

  • Category: Ranged
  • Base level damage: 1-21, 77 speed, 22 HP
  • Grows to: Master Thrower, Axe Thrower

The dwarven units tend to be hit-and-miss. Their use reaches more from the outset of throwable articles on the battleground than their destruction statistics, as an inaccurate or missed throw will occur in negligible destruction to your opponents. Nonetheless, momentum is the solution for these units, meaning these units can roam across promptly and go up the battleground, allowing you to grab more territory when holding the strength on enemy troops.

Goat Rider

  • Category: Melee
  • Base level damage: 24-28, 96 speed, 82 HP
  • Grows: Ram Rider

That is right – these dwarven units do their military busy on goats and What’s all the more startling is how beneficial they are in fighting, with constant, if scarcely low, damage statistics and substantial HP for booting. They may soak up tons of enemy strength while even dishing out an adequate amount of retribution themselves, made all the stronger when boosted. They employ a ton of resources to conscript, however, the in-battle outcomes will make them all worth the risk.

How Should You Choose An Exclusive Unit in The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War?

Largely speaking, the units that are listed in this handbook are unlockable when you decide on the faction in The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War. For instance, when you select the Arnor Faction if you go across the tutorials, you may be prepared to enlist Ranger combatants in the Barracks.

Nonetheless, as a strategy game based on geography where just one player may pick a region in a specific server, there may be times you will not be prepared to appoint any in-demand factions, as someone else may already possess it. When that’s the scenario, you will not be prepared to permit the unit in this faction. You will have two alternatives, either select a distinct faction and appreciate these special units. If not, join a distinct server to attempt your chances furthermore.


These units are restricted to players who appoint Mordor as the faction. Their stability lies in destruction and momentum, with much nicer achievement than base combatants. Nevertheless, that flare of strength doesn’t endure long, as Ravagers retain poor base HP statistics, which suggests they may be defeated relatively easily in fighting.

Swan Knight

These Gondor-exclusive units are incredibly wise choices for shielding performers. As an unlikeness to Ravagers, the Swan Knights are most competent in soaking destruction and carrying the castle for further attack-minded units for wreaking havoc.


These units are exclusive to Rohan, with momentum at the emphasis of its proficiency. The Marshal may blow up across the battleground sooner than a few other units, dishing out increased levels of destruction in the system. The problem with Marshals that you’ll discern with many Rise to War’s ground-based units, is their hostility to retribution. They may go down promptly – but they may also be able to dish out tons of destruction before this.

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