Gems Guide LOTR Rise To War

Gems Guide LOTR Rise To War

Gems are a special currency in LOTR Rise To War that is difficult to obtain and can be used for a variety of purposes. You want to collect as many gems as possible because they are necessary for your progression.

How to get Gems

How to get Gems

Obtaining gems in LOTR Rise To War is difficult; there are only a few ways to obtain them. The first method of obtaining gems is to spend real money on them in an in-game store. This will provide you with a large number of gems. I would not recommend spending money on gems unless you want to support developers. You can get a long way without spending any money.

The second method is to complete events. There are numerous events in LOTR Rise To War that will award you with gems. So keep an eye on them and complete as many as you can. You will accumulate a large number of gems over time.

Seasonal rewards are the third method. This is also a good way to get gems in LOTR Rise Of War, so try to collect all of the season rewards.

Unfortunately, unlike in other mobile games, you cannot farm gems. Hopefully, they will add mines where you can farm gems. Farming gems may not be necessary for new players, but experienced players who are nearing the end of the season may benefit greatly from this feature. So, hopefully, we’ll see this in LOTR Rise To War.

Where should you spend your gems?

spend gems

There are numerous ways to spend your valuable gems, so you must know where to spend them in order to maximize their value.

Speed up troop healing- this is not a good way to spend your gems. I would not recommend it. Do it only if you extremely need your troops healed otherwise it is a waste of gems.

Market- If you are a free player or a small spender, spending your gems in the market is not a good idea. Leave spending gems in the market for whales.

Mathom Peddler is an excellent place to spend your gems, particularly on discounted mathom chests. You will receive excellent value. From the chest, you can get gear and items that will give you respect for your commanders. The advantage of this is that you will not lose them at the end of the season. They will be moved to the next season.

Speed up building This is not a good use of your gems. If you’re a free-to-play player, avoid it. Simply playing and being active will allow you to max out all of your buildings and troops. It is not necessary for you to spend gems on it. Also, when the season ends, you will lose all of your troops and building progress, which means that you will lose all of the gems you have invested in.

Tavern Tips- The best place to spend your gem is at a tavern. You’ll use your gems to update your tips. With tips, you can gain commander experience, but more importantly, you can gain commander respect and Equipment, which are all transferable to the next season. So spend as many gems as you can on tavern tips.

Gold Levy Although gold is rare in LOTR Rise To War, it is not recommended that you spend gems on the levy to get gold. You can participate in events that will reward you with a large amount of gold. Spend gems on levy only if you are a whale; otherwise, spend them on mathom chest.


Gems are valuable resources, so keep an eye out for them as the season progresses. If you are a free to play player, you should only spend your gems on Tavern tips, and if you have some extra gems, you can buy a mathom chest at a 50% discount. Other methods of spending gems are not worth it, especially if you are a free-to-play player or a low-spender. One more tip from us is that you try to play LOTR Rise To War on PC for a much better gaming experience and graphics.

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