LOTR Rise To War Gold- How to get Gold

LOTR Rise To War Gold- How to get Gold

Gold is one of the most important resources in Lotr Rise To War that you will need for training troops and purchasing resources, and if you are a new player, you will need a lot of gold to upgrade all of your units. There are no tiles that can  provide you with gold production in Lotr Rise Of War, but there are a few ways to obtain gold, and we will explain each and every one of them.

Before we start with a guide on gold I would recommend you to download and test LOTR Rise To War on PC.

There are four ways to obtain gold in LOTR Rise To War:
-Levying Gold
-Gold From Hearth of a Hero
-Gold From Events 
-Tavern Tips Gold

Gold from levying

Gold from levying

This is one of the simplest ways to obtain gold in LOTR Rise To War, but the amount of gold available is limited. You must upgrade your Quarters Buildings to increase the amount of gold you can get from Levying.

The issue is that you can only claim your gold every 2 hours and a maximum of 5 times per day. The amount you will receive is insufficient to upgrade your troops. You can also use gems to double the gold you earn from levying, but there are far better places to spend your gems, so this is not recommended.

Tavern Tips

Gold from Tavern Tips is one method for obtaining free gold in LOTR Rise To War. Tavern tips is a great place to get commander gear and experience, but you can also get resources, which may include gold. But you probably already know that you should do Tavern Tips every day, not for the gold, but for the insane amount of free items that will help you progress.

Obtaining Gold Through Events

Events can provide a lot of gold, but they can also be complicated. Some events actually require teamwork from your fellowship or faction. That is why we cannot emphasize how important it is to be a part of a strong fellowship with active members.
Hearth of a Hero, on the other hand, will provide you with an insane amount of gold.

Hero’s Hearth Event

Hero's Hearth Event

Hearth of a Hero is one of the best ways to accumulate a massive amount of gold in LOTR Rise To War, and you can do it both solo and with fellowship members. Hearth of a Hero is an event in which you will defeat Dragons and Balrogs in order to receive suppressor spoils containing speedups, but most importantly they contain nice amount of gold.

The Hearth of a Hero event is available every week, so don’t worry if you don’t have the power to complete it. Every week, you will have the opportunity. Now we’ll look at how to complete the Hearth of a Hero event solo.

The first thing you should do is switch your ring talent. You should get:
Powerful sweeping- will increase your damage by 10% against stationary armies.
Effortless sweeping- It will cut the cost of sweeping stamina by 10%.

The rest of the talent build is up to you, but we recommend getting talents that increase your damage so you lose fewer troops and can easily destroy dragons and balrogs.

Best troops and commander for Hearth of a Hero event

The best commanders for the Hearth of a Hero event in Lotr Rise To War are those who can heal a lot while also dealing damage to large units. The best units are Dwalin, Ori, or Theoden, who have healing and bonus damage against large units. You can’t possibly go wrong with them. It is preferable to have them on respect 5, but they can also be used on respect LVL 0. All they require are healing abilities.

You must now use the appropriate troops. Troops that can counter large units are the best for the Hearth of a Hero event. Master Throwers and Bow Knight are the best troops for the good side, while berserkers and reapers are the best troops for the evil side.

Tips for Hearth of a Hero event

If you’re having trouble soloing dragons and balrogs, you can always ask members of your fellowship for help. The top five players in terms of damage will receive rewards, and the rewards will be the same.

Dragons are stronger troops with 500k more hp than balrogs, so always try to attack balrogs if they are nearby and if you want to complete the event faster. One tip is to occupy tiles next to balrogs or dragons because you’ll need to attack them several times so your troops don’t waste time walking back to the city.

Hero Medal 
During the Hearth of a Hero event, for every 3000 damage dealt, you will receive one hero medal, which you can exchange for gold, gems, and coins.

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