Overwatch 2 Support Tier List: Best Healer 2024

Overwatch 2 Support Tier List Best Healer

Both experienced pros and new players have experienced numerous amount of positive and negative shocks since the debut of Overwatch 2. Fortunately, the game successfully makes up for that with the inclusion of new heroes in its list of support heroes. 

Good thing, you’re in the correct spot if you’re curious how this affects the list of support healers tiers. By classifying them into their appropriate levels and outlining their advantages and disadvantages, this guide will assist you in choosing the top support healers in Overwatch 2.

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Overwatch 2 Support Tier List

CharacterTier Rating



 Moira Overwatch 2

She is still clinging to her position as one of the top healers on Overwatch 2’s support squad. Because of her capability of curing her allies using two different steps because of her biotic power.

Main Strength: Her Biotic Grasp. This is the first point of contact for either healing or harm. The major fire button heals allies she showers on, and the alternative fire button hurts and kills opponents. To “fill the tank” and restore her essential healing, the alternative fire is also utilized.

Additionally, her ability to heal or harm opponents is based on the shade of her orbs. 

Players who use Moira as their hero have the option of throwing which skills she’ll use – either the purple orb that equals the destruction of her enemies or the yellow orb that equals healing her team. 

One major thing about Moira is that her ability can run out if the player is absorbing biotic energy, which is a major weakness in Moira’s character. This can limit her ability to restore a tank’s health bar fully.

With the use of her Fade ability, Moira may rapidly navigate a small distance or dodge an enemy’s powers and strikes. Since it offers a quick escape, this is especially helpful if the player is attacked or if they are at the very end of their health.

Ultimate: Moira’s ultimate is called Coalescence. When Moira activates her ultimate and used it strategically, it is pretty valuable because it can both heal and harm while bypassing boundaries.


 Ana Overwatch 2

She is one of the top-tier supporters in the game, mainly because of her effective healing abilities, which let her fill the position of a primary healer for all matches.

Players that choose Ana should be aware that you must be an expert sniper to effectively exploit her powers. This is essential since for some reason in gameplay players must snipe and aim together to harm and heal their allies and enemies, respectively.

She also carries a grenade that when it explodes prevents the enemy’s healing while boosting the effectiveness of her allies’ healing.

Ana’s skill called Sleep Dart is also another talent that aids in securing her rightful place in the S-tier. This power is extremely hazardous since it has the power to completely alter the course of a conflict in a few seconds.

When used with a tank player or DPS, Her ultimate call, Nano Boost, may quickly eliminate the majority of the other team’s members, but not the whole squad. 

A – TIER: 


 Lucio Overwatch 2

Our favorite Lucio stood at the top of the A-tier and let’s talk about Lucio’s abilities. 

His agility since it allows him to exert a lot of map control.

His healing makes him more ideal as a secondary healer if someone in there takes him as a primary healer. 

Sound waves: He can be used to clear areas of the battlefield by knocking other heroes off the edge or inflicting more damage on Lucio or his team. His ultimates support this skill because it could give healing in difficult scenarios. 

Lucio’s abilities can provide a huge benefit to him or his team, but his healing is not as strong as Moira, it is advisable that use him as a secondary support.


Mercy Overwatch 2

We all know that Mercy is one of the best supporters in the game but because of some flaws, she is still on the list of A-tier. 

Mercy has the responsibility of healing team members such as tanks because of how powerful her healing is. 

But due to some updates, Mercy’s abilities have consistently been nerfed throughout time and because of several reworks, eventually, it has been adopted over into Overwatch 2.

Mercy can fly in any direction, which makes her fully flexible and difficult to track down. But wait there’s a problem. 

When the team is at the peak of the battle, the difficulty when it comes to Mercy is by reviving her. Why? Because she can be an easy target for the enemy. As a result, she will sacrifice herself dying while trying to save a dying teammate. 


 Kiriko Overwatch 2

Since Kiriko is just a new hero, she already got the spotlight in every game. Players might explore and learn more about this agent. Let me help you with that, let’s talk about her abilities.

Healing Ofuda: This ability can heal her teammates by keeping track of them. But Kiriko has a weak healing ability for some reason it takes a lot of time for her talismans to reach her teammates. 

Swift Step: This skill is very helpful because she can use this ability as a teleportation to go to her allies if they are in tight situations. This is one of her supporting skills that if the player utilizes her skills well, can give the advantage in battle.

Protection Suzu: Ability that gives a very little period of invulnerability, but when applied at the right moment, that can be able to live. When the Protection Suzu combines with Swift Step, it can help a dying tank in their team to be alive. 

Kiriko’s Kunai: This is her offensive ability, which enables her to do critical harm from a distance. But if you are short on healers, using them may be difficult due to their slowdown rate of fire.

Kiriko’s Ultimate: Her ultimate is powerful and her skills enable her to speed up, and attack speed.

B – TIER: 


 Brigitte Overwatch 2

Known as a baby tank, succeeds in moving up to the B-tier. She is an extremely aggressive hero who, when used properly, can face off against the majority of the enemy groups’ Damage and tanks one on one.

Her healing skills are very helpful but not long-lasting as it seems to be. Her flaws start to hold her back at this point because she depends entirely on the allies she is cooperating with, her treatment is quite conditional.

She is limited in her abilities as a single healer because the majority of her healing depends on reducing her shield and dealing with melee attacks with her sling.


 Baptiste Overwatch 2

Baptiste’s skills have a long recharge period even though they can deliver pretty effective heals. The tanks that must fight at the front could be affected as a result since they need continuous healing.

Immortality Field: This skill lessen damage and serve to restore his character. 

Amplification Matrix: Enables strong heals if paired with another healer. Additionally, his missiles can heal as well, although their lack of precision makes them more useful 


Zenyatta Overwatch 2

Last on our list is Zenyatta, even while his healing is consistent, it is pretty ineffective, which is bad news for players who are in desperate need of healing

His healing remains on the ally as long as they are still alive, they frequently find themselves at a loss while playing with other players since the time it takes to complete the entire bar does not reduce the damage taken.

Orb of Discord: By placing this skill, he can make enemies debuff and cause them to take more damage.

Orb of Healing: On the other hand, cures any ally steadily while it is on them. If the line of vision is disrupted, the orbs eventually come back to Zenyatta.

Transcendence: His ultimate gives him the chance to completely cure all of his teammates, which makes him a respectable support.


Since all Supports presently feel quite excellent overall and any rated lower are typically still very good, our recommendation is to stick with what you know unless you have a higher preference for another.

In Overwatch 2, new players must first unlock Heroes before they can begin utilizing them, but perhaps the suggestions above will provide you alternatives as you go. Check out our list of best characters in Overwatch 2 so you can know what to pick for each class.

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