LOTR Rise to War 300 Power Tile Guide

LOTR Rise to War 300 Power Tile Guide

If you are a beginner in LOTR Rise To War, then you shouldn’t be familiar with the 300 Power tile. It isn’t common, yet it should be a common practice for every player as soon as they can do it. Power Tiles are the basic tiles, yet with more Power level. Tiles aren’t an issue as long as they don’t surpass the 200 plus point. If they do so, then they are a bit problematic to take.

That was the only bad aspect of the power tiles, but if you managed to get a tile with more than 200 plus points, then the resources and advantages you get are quite good. So, for that reason, we managed to compile a guide to help you understand why and how you should take a 300-power tile.

Why should you take a 300 Power Tile?

First of all, the reason you should even start with a power tile is that you get more experience. For instance, if you put your troop on a 200 power Land, the amount of experience you get for 10 minutes on that land is around 30k. 

In comparison to that, if you put for 10 minutes on a 300-power tile, it will be around 50k. So, the significant difference between the two is quite a lot and when you are capable of going from 200 to 300, then you should probably do it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when you get a new commander or you want to level up a certain commander you like, the fastest way to level up is to put that commander in a tile of 300 level. 200 is also fast, but in comparison to that 300 works best.

How to take a 300 Power Tile

First of all, when you are sure about a 300-power tile, you should pin it and, in the coordinates, the list you can go back to it as soon as possible. You can also use the search function based on the Search list to find the resource you want. From there you can quickly select the number of resources to find 300 power tiles ASAP.

The higher level of troops you have, the effortless it becomes in taking 300 power tiles. So, in the lower level or you are a beginner, you should consider sending the troops near the area while sending your best commanders to take the power tile.

In LOTR: Rise to War, some troops are counter to others. If you are not sure which type of enemies will be there on the 300-power tile, you need to send in a lower-level commander to check the opponents.

Make sure you have other counter troops as well, like the Guards of the tower or spearmen which are good against the cavalry. Then, as we already discussed, you need to put the troops a bit far from the tile, so that you have time for the counter troops to deploy.

Then, you should call back the troops that aren’t able to keep up with the enemy and redeploy them afterward to push the enemies on the tile. All in one, you can look at the notification to check which of your troops will do better against the enemies and redeploy them afterward. 

You must put some troops as a type of distraction and push them afterward with your best men.

One more thing worth pointing out is that tiles that have some special building on them like Keep or Mysterious Spring are much harder to take.

Strategies to get 300 power tile

The best strategy is to use various troops against the enemies on the 300-power tile. You should consider putting them a bit far from the tile itself and gathering them there. 

Counters work best for a fair win and a low-level troop is required to know about the enemies, then pick the counter.

There are timers and limitations to the time you can deploy and maintain a good stance. So, it’s important to take a look at ring abilities. Here, you need to focus on Efficiency, Yield, Experience, and finally, the least important one which is rationing. Amongst them, all efficiency is the best one to look out for.

Besides the experience, you need to look at the Ring ability as well. It allows you to regenerate the ability points faster. Typically, it takes around an hour to refill but when you have Control maxed out, there will be around 30 ability points, which take less time to refill.

For you to maximize the stamina early in the morning, you need to consider increasing the stamina points as well. It allows you to get into battle quickly to take maximum points.

Finally, if you didn’t already know, you can play LOTR Rise To War on your PC for free.

Guide Created By D1vine 

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